Wedu | #KeepRising
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#KeepRising is our campaign to help raise funds to further support young women leaders in their education. 


March 8th, 2017 marks Wedu’s 5th year of linking young women across Asia with international mentors. This is a pivotal time for us! With over 350 Rising Stars and 5,000+ hours of mentorship, our programs are continuing to grow! 

We believe that investing in women’s education not only empowers women, but also has a multiplier effect on improving the development of communities and countries as a whole. Our goal is to reach 1,000 Rising Stars by the end of 2018. Imagine the impact of 1,000 achievements, 1,000 more educated women in Asia, 1,000 future female changemakers!

Raise at least $10,000
As of March 8th, we’re already halfway there through pledges! $10 donations may not seem like much, but when enough people care, every bit counts!

More scholarships than ever before.
100% of the funds we receive go to funding university and leadership development for the 362 women Wedu currently supports.

Raise Awareness
We have made great strides in the past 5 years. Our successes and the increased demand for our programs means we can go even further – we just need to bump our visibility.

Getting involved is fast, easy, and fun!

Head to our donation page and donate $10 or more!

Take a jump photo! It doesn’t matter how high – just have fun with it!

Hashtag your photo with #KeepRising, tag your friends, and share share share!

$10 can change the future for women leaders in Asia