Unlock the Potential of Women Leaders in Asia with Wedu

Wedu is fortunate to have a growing list of dedicated partners who are working with us in various ways to develop and improve our Leadership Development Program, build the capacity of the organization, deepen our impact in key countries and work on innovations in the leadership training and education financing space. We approach each corporate and institutional partnership with a long-term shared vision and recognize that it takes a global, passionate and committed coalition of partners to achieve real, large-scale social change.

Partnership Opportunities

1Talent Spotter

We partner with educational institutions, NGOs and individuals who work with communities of talented women in the academic or professional space and can benefit from what we have to offer. With our support, Talent Spotters help recruit and recommend inspiring female candidates who have the leadership qualities to become a Rising Star. Together, we are providing opportunities to and shaping the future of female leadership throughout Asia.

2Leadership & Learning Partner

We are always looking for ways to collaborate with other leadership development organizations, trainers and practitioners, as well as those working in education financing or social entrepreneurship.  Whether it’s sharing other leadership conferences and trainings with our Rising Stars; co-designing and delivering programs for women in leadership; or sharing best practices and lessons learned – our bold vision requires a strong ecosystem of supportive and collaborative partners.

3Employee Development

Wedu’s mentorship program provides an opportunity for your employees or members to engage as Mentors for Wedu’s inspiring Rising Stars.  As Mentors, they get to practice and develop their own leadership skills while taking part in social change. Wedu can also provide additional training and program components that add further learning, support and value to both employees and your company.

4Technology PArtner

In order to reach large-scale impact in a sustainable way, Wedu recognizes the need to leverage technical expertise, software and innovation to efficiently and effectively reach more Rising Stars while maintaining the quality of the learning experience. From program management to impact measurement to internal management tools, we seek to build best-in-class processes and solutions with leading tech providers.

5Funding Leadership

Invest in future generations of female leaders with Wedu by providing them with education. We cover the cost of tertiary education for Rising Stars who cannot afford it via Scholarships and Future Income Sharing Agreements (FISAs). Wedu is pioneering FISAs in Asia, and we are in the process of setting up our first fund to help more and more students obtain affordable financial support to complete their degree – read more about Investing in Wedu.

Other Ideas?

Wedu is open to exploring ideas and opportunities not listed here and welcome proposals from interested organizations. Please contact Wedu’s CEO, Mario Ferro, at mario@wedufund.org to become a Wedu partner.

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