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The Sujata Baskota Honor Scholarship




In 2016, Wedu established the Sujata Baskota Honor Scholarship to honor and celebrate Sujata Baskota, an inspiring Rising Star who died of pneumonia at age 21 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Created in her name, the scholarship will continue Sujata’s legacy of leadership and commitment to social change by empowering women to pursue higher education and become changemakers in their communities.



“Sujata left an eternal imprint on so many lives. She was a leader, a sister, a dear friend and an amazing human being, and for this she will be deeply missed. Nevertheless, we can continue Sujata’s legacy.  Sujata was a fighter, she left her spirit and mission to do good unto others and we can carry that with us. I hope we can continue her legacy and her beautiful spirit and memory will forever be in our hearts.”

– Daisy Khamphakdy, Senior Leadership Coordinator



The scholarship will be awarded annually to Rising Stars who have demonstrated outstanding leadership potential, a perseverance towards achieving their goals, and a firm dedication to serve their community, all of which Sujata strongly believed in and exhibited throughout her life. It is the first and only Wedu scholarship that is open to Rising Stars studying in any country and for any field of study.

If you are interested in making a contribution to this scholarship, our fundraising page goes live on Monday, September 19th. If you would like to make an early contribution, please contact us at We thank you in advance for your generous support!

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The Graziella and Keiko Scholarship



In 2014, Carlo Corazza and Rujunko Pugh established the Graziella and Keiko Scholarship in honor of their mothers’ inspiring commitment to support them in achieving their dreams. Created in their mothers’ names, the scholarship is awarded annually to 2-3 Wedu Rising Stars who have demonstrated outstanding talent, firm dedication, and a natural inclination to strive for leadership.

Graziella Bellarini

“Graziella and Keiko always wanted the best for us, spent all their energies and dreams for us. They taught us life and accompanied us with supportive words every time we decided to walk the less travelled road, the one leading to difficult times, but ending in rewarding experiences.”

The scholarship is a wonderful way to honor the legacy of Graziella and Keiko, by reflecting on their unwavering conviction and spirit and by recognizing those same qualities in the next generation of young female leaders. 100% of the scholarship funding goes to the recipients’ tuition fees and educational costs and it has already provided support to 5 Wedu Rising Stars pursuing their goals of higher education. We are looking forward to continuing to build this legacy and support female education in the years to come.



Recent Recipients

Phearong Sdoueng, Cambodia (2015)
International Development/Relations

Sopheng Mom, Cambodia (2015)
Medicine/Health Sciences

Farishta Afzaly, Pakistan (2015)
Asian Studies/Computer Science

Dipannita Barua, Bangladesh (2014)
Economics/International Development/Relations

Harsha Kalhari Gunarathna Yahampath Arachchige, Sri Lanka (2014)
Environmental Management






Featured Recipients


Phearong Sdoueng

“I want to be a great leader and inspire other young girls.”


DSC_4249 Phearong’s dream is to improve the education system in Cambodia by inspiring youth to be leaders and changemakers of their own development. She has established a youth group, Joint Of Youth (JOY) Cambodia to tackle this challenge and is leading a project to educate rural youth in Cambodia. Currently in her 3rd year of university, Phearong is studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the Royal University of Law and Economics in Cambodia







Sopheng Mom




“I am willing to make the best access of health care service to all Cambodian people, especially the poor by starting to provide them the basic information about health and any prevention.”


Motivated by the inequitable access to medical resources she has witnessed in her community, Sopheng aims to become a doctor who can provide excellent medical care and services to vulnerable populations. While taking on a rigorous course load at university, Sopheng is also working 5 days per week at a hospital to gain direct, hands-on experience in a medical facility. She is currently studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Medicine at the University of Health Sciences in Cambodia.








Woodcock Scholarship



The Woodcock Foundation has been an early supporter of Wedu’s innovative approach to cultivating local female leadership in Asia. As our first partner, they have been instrumental in helping us continue to develop and scale up our impact across Asia since 2014. A Woodcock Foundation scholarship is awarded annually to a Wedu Rising Star to fund higher education and support leadership development. The Woodcock Foundation believes that investing in women is smart economics and will continue to support Wedu with the aim of catalysing the next generation of female leaders.







Glory Gospel Singers Scholarship



The award-winning Glory Gospel Singers (GGS) were founded in 1995 by visionary Phyliss McKoy Joubert, CEO of D&P Joubert LLC. Joubert’s innovative leadership birthed vision to an exclusive talent roster that services both faith-based and mainstream initiatives around the globe. This vision came to life through GGS as the nation’s most proficient artists auditioned for what was soon to be a global manifestation. The network of talented singers has now marked 192 tours in 188 countries with a roster of over 400 singers. Every year, GGS, in partnership with Tate Corporation, performs a Christmas concert in Japan to raise funds in support of Wedu. Thanks to their talent and inspiration, a GGS scholarship is awarded annually to a Wedu Rising Star who has exhibited strong leadership potential.

GGS has been a generous partner in Wedu’s leadership development program and efforts to develop and advance women’s leadership.







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Wedu is dedicated to providing merit-based financial support for female education in Asia. We seek to reduce the barriers faced by our Rising Stars to obtaining and completing their higher education. We want our Rising Stars to be able to achieve their dreams of pursuing a university education without the undue burdens caused by financial pressures.


Interested in establishing a scholarship with Wedu? Funds can be allocated, according to each donor’s wishes, to create a scholarship or endowment or to support an already existing scholarship. Donors are granted wide discretion as to guidelines that determine how their scholarship funds will be used and which Rising Stars will be eligible to receive support from their gift. Naming opportunities are available according to our scholarship guidelines.


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