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Who is a Mentor?

Wedu’s global community of committed and passionate mentors not only provides support and guidance to Rising Stars, but also contributes their skills and experiences in a personal way to a global movement advancing women’s empowerment.

A mentor is an experienced and inspiring individual who is passionate about the development of a young woman leader. A mentor does not instruct but rather guides the Rising Star in developing her own goals. A mentor provides his or her mentee with the knowledge and ability to evaluate her ideas, discuss her goals, and fulfill her aspirations.

The Role of the Mentor

The mentor-mentee relationship is a commitment made by a mentor to support the mentee’s personal, career, and professional development. This includes the Rising Stars’ leadership development, career development, and personal goals. As a mentor, you will act as a dedicated guide and confidante to the mentee. Mentors in the Wedu Leadership Development Program will:


  • Commit a minimum of 3 to 6 hours every month to speak with his/her Rising Star;
  • Review the leadership development curriculum and talking points provided by Wedu and prepare to discuss the information with the Rising Star during at least one of the monthly mentoring sessions;
  • Develop a relationship with his/ her Rising Star that may become more personal as it matures. Mentors may meet with their Rising Star more often than once every other week.

Why Become a Mentor?

Wedu is committed to fostering mentoring relationships that are mutually beneficial and complementary in nature.


Through mentorship, you have the ability to apply and improve your goal-setting, leadership, and communication skills. Additionally, Rising Stars can also be an incredible source of inspiration to you as they work together to pursue goals of social change.


To foster your leadership development and that of your mentee, our Leadership Lessons are designed to focus on specific and complementary Learning Objectives. The four key Learning Objectives are aimed at developing the qualities that are important to each of your roles — Rising Stars as future leaders of social change, and mentors as better colleagues and global citizens.

Eligibility Requirements


Dedication and passion for supporting your mentee to achieve her full potential


Minimum 2 years of work experience of any field


Available for 3-6 hours a month to speak with your mentee on Skype

Apply Now

Do you want to mentor a young leader and help her improve her community? Become a mentor with Wedu and join a growing global community of change-makers who are working to unlock the leadership potential of young women in Asia.