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Wedu invests in the leadership development of inspiring and passionate women who are committed to social change and who might otherwise not have access to dedicated mentors, higher education, and a community of like-minded leaders. Our approach to learning is individualised, yet our goals are ambitious – we are able to continue to grow our impact thanks to contributions from individuals, foundations, and partners who believe in the importance of gender equality around the world.

Why Wedu



We are a non-profit that aims to achieve financial sustainability through innovative, revenue-generating partnerships, programmes and services. Our pay-it-forward model in mentorship and Future Income Sharing Agreements (FISAs) means that your contribution achieves three to over ten times the social impact of a one-time donation to traditional charity.



We envision one day having Rising Stars and Programme Participants across the world so that together, we can live in a gender-equal world where half of all leaders are women. Your philanthropic support helps us identify more talented young women; keeps the initial cost of leadership development free for Rising Stars; and ensures we are building a Leadership Community that lasts.



We aim to make education accessible to all through Future Income Sharing Agreements (FISAs) and Scholarships. You may choose to direct your support to scaling FISA or create your own scholarship for our leaders who need and deserve that funding the most. Either way, your support helps Rising Stars complete their university education.

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