Next Application Deadline

Friday, June 15, 2018

Are you a leader in your community or country working on positive social change?

Do you want to join a global community of changemakers who are working on key development issues and passionate about closing the gender gap in positions of leadership?


Wedu Rising Stars are female university students and young professionals who are committed to changing the status quo and driven to lead the change.  Through our Leadership Development Program, you will receive one-on-one mentorship, access to leadership development opportunities and trainings, a lifelong community network of support, and access to financial support for your higher education.

Why Become a Rising Star?

Grow your leadership development potential

Get access to mentorship, online curriculum and resources, and a variety of leadership development opportunities – you take what you need at your stage in life to further your personal and professional development.

Set future goals and work towards success with the help of your mentor

Your mentor will work with you individually to set your goals for the future and guide you towards achieving them. He/she will help you identify and overcome any challenges that may arise and continue to lead you towards successfully effecting social impact in areas you are passionate about.

Opportunity to receive funding for your higher education

As a Rising Star, you are eligible to apply for our financing options to enable you to complete your higher education at Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD level. We offer Future Income Sharing Agreements (FISAs) of up to 5,000 USD per eligible Rising Star and limited scholarships of up to 3,000 USD per Rising Star. Awarding is based on a combination of your student profile, engagement with Wedu and need for funding.

Be part of a supportive global community

By becoming a Rising Star, you will gain the opportunity to join an inspiring global community of changemakers. The Wedu Community will support you every step of the way towards becoming a leader and initiating positive social change in your home communities.

Application Process


Online Application

The process starts here! Tell us about yourself, what you’re passionate about, and the kinds of things that make you a changemaker!



Selected applicants will be invited to join our Leadership Training & Orientation Program (LTOP). Over a 2-month period, you will spend approximately 9-10 hours working on webinars, individual assignments and tools to aid you on your leadership journey!


Small Group Interview

You’re almost there! Upon successful completion of LTOP, candidates will be invited to a final Small Group Interview. You will get to speak with 1 Wedu team member and at least 1 other community member to share more about yourself, your experiences and your vision as a Rising Star.