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Who is a Rising Star?

A Rising Star is a young woman from Asia who is currently enrolled in or entering university and is selected by Wedu for the Leadership Development Program. Rising Stars demonstrate strong leadership potential and a commitment to improving their community. Rising Stars participate in the mentorship program, through which they receive one-on-one mentorship from a mentor who has relevant professional experience to support them with their goals. Mentors guide Rising Stars in their personal and professional development as a leader, and help them achieve their goal of social change.

Why Become a Rising Star?

Realize your leadership development potential

Your mentor will be highly invested in your education and growth as a leader. He/she will be there to guide you through your personal, professional, and leadership development. Your mentor will be your guide, a friend, a role model, and a source of encouragement.

Set future goals and work towards success with the help of your mentor

Your mentor will work with you individually to set your goals for the future and guide you towards achieving them. He/she will help you identify and overcome any challenges that may arise and continue to lead you towards successfully effecting social impact in areas you are passionate about.

Opportunity to receive funding for your higher education

As a Rising Star, you are eligible to apply for affordable financing options to enable you to complete your higher education. These include scholarships and Future Income Sharing Agreements of up to 5,000 USD per year.

Be part of a supportive global community

By becoming a Rising Star, you will gain the opportunity to join an inspiring global community of change-makers. The Wedu Community will support you every step of the way towards becoming a leader and initiating positive social change in your home communities.

Application Process


Online Application

You are required to complete and submit the application form. This is an opportunity for you to describe your background, what you are passionate about, and your leadership potential.


Initial Interview

Selected applicants will be invited for an initial interview with two Wedu staff. You will be asked questions about your leadership potential through specific examples based on your past experiences and future goals.


Panel Interview

Candidates selected after the initial interview will be invited to participate in a Panel Interview, which is the final stage of the selection process. At least four Wedu panelists will ask you more in-depth questions in order to evaluate your potential as a Rising Star.

Apply Now

Are you committed to being a leader and effecting positive change in your community? Become a Wedu Rising Star and join a growing global family of change-makers who are working to unlock the leadership potential of women across Asia.