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Join Our Team

Do you want to join an exciting startup with an ambitious social mission?

Do you want to contribute to the development of a bold and innovative business model with high responsibility from day one?

Do you want to do something revolutionary and impactful?


Here at Wedu, we hire highly motivated, passionate individuals who are innovative and thoughtful in their approach to getting things done.


Wedu currently has the following full-time job openings and one-of-a-kind internships available
(click on the job title for the full job description; unless otherwise noted, all positions are located in Bangkok, Thailand).

1Systems Administrator & Developer

Technology plays a key role in Wedu’s ability to offer lifelong, impact-driven leadership development opportunities and financial support to more and more Rising Stars at scale, as better and more automated systems enable the team to manage our programs and processes with greater efficiency and more intelligent analysis.  As Systems Administrator & Developer, you will be responsible for managing our Salesforce CRM, internal workflow tools and all relevant systems integrations required to maintain seamless and optimal data flows throughout the organization.  This role offers a unique opportunity to shape the technology roadmap at Wedu – to be successful in the role, you need to be able understand and balance organizational needs with systems requirements, and be driven by new functionality and tools that enable us to innovate and grow.

2Future Income Sharing Agreement (FISA) Development Manager

Your role will be key to create the financial and operational infrastructure to distribute FISA, and ensure collection and quality reporting systems to our partners (e.g. Kiva, Clinton Global Initiative, etc.).  FISA will contribute to ensuring the financial sustainability of the company and pave the way for improving the lives of thousands of women and their communities in Asia.  This role offers a unique opportunity to shape the future of Wedu – it has a strong focus on developing new, innovative activities and program elements to support continuous expansion of FISA.  To be successful in the role, you need to be able to design, test and iterate existing product features as well as lead the client service and sales strategy for the product.  This is also a high responsibility role where you will learn how to build an investment platform in an emerging economy, as well as build and run a team with a high degree of autonomy.

3Leadership Development Manager

As Leadership Development Manager, you will play a key role in leading the development and improvement of Wedu’s leadership development organizational structure, programs and services, with a strong focus on data-driven management to ensure quality and impact for Rising Stars and Mentors.  This role has a strong focus on building the systems, frameworks and team to scale in a way that supports lifelong leadership development as well as new program innovations.  Wedu’s business model is a new approach to promoting leadership development that relies on innovative service delivery models for a diverse customer group.  We are looking for a person with an entrepreneurial spirit who has demonstrated leadership with a growth and innovation mindset.

4Marketing & Communications Manager

As Wedu’s Marketing & Communications Manager, you will have the critical leadership role of managing the development and expansion of Wedu’s global brand in order to drive a variety of key business activities forward in a sustainable and innovative way.  You will be responsible for supporting the development of Wedu’s key products and services with the design and implementation of marketing & communications strategies, as well as nurturing Wedu’s global community of Rising Stars, Mentors, donors, partners and digital and media contacts.  This role offers a unique opportunity to shape the future of Wedu’s brand identity and presence via traditional marketing, digital marketing, events/PR and community strategies.

5Future Income Sharing Agreement (FISA) Development Intern

Future Income Sharing Agreements (FISAs) are a mechanism to finance the higher education needs of Rising Stars. FISAs are neither loans nor scholarships, and have been designed to be affordable and flexible for students.

As the FISA Development Intern, you will play a key role in supporting the expansion of FISAs to new countries, while also contributing to the enhancement of policies, procedures and processes around FISAs. This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of Wedu, and influence the development of higher education financing solutions for needy and deserving students.

6Corporate Partnership Intern

The Corporate Partnership Intern will play a key role supporting Wedu’s corporate partners/accounts through the delivery of leadership development services, primarily our for-profit corporate employee development product.  Your role will entail supporting client service and sales strategy through market research and simple data analysis, as well as supporting the development of communication and marketing documents to engage potential clients.  This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of Wedu’s social business model and financial sustainability with the development of creative corporate partnerships in Asia.

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Volunteers & General Internships

Wedu also provides ongoing volunteer and internship opportunities for students and professionals who want to contribute their skills for a shorter period of time in a general area of Wedu’s work (click on the internship title for the full scope of responsibilities; unless otherwise noted, all positions are located in Bangkok, Thailand).  The exact scope of these volunteer internships will be shaped during the interview process and will depend on current needs, as well as your skills and interests!

For individuals, universities and volunteer/internship placement organizations who would like to inquire further, please contact

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