"I have learned an incredible amount about strength, resilience, how different communities function, and how to be a better leader myself."
- Teresa

Advance Women’s Leadership through Mentorship

A decade of facilitating one-on-mentorship at Wedu has shown us that mentorship is the most sustainable way to support women with long-term changemaking ambitions. This is made possible by our global and multi-generational community of mentors who come from diverse sectors and show up as gender equity allies. They volunteer their time to guide women from Asia to achieve their goals, strengthen their leadership capabilities, and sustain them in their journeys.

We pair women with mentors using a sophisticated matching algorithm based on leadership traits.

We sustain mentorship progress through effective onboarding and a bespoke curriculum anchored on Wedu’s leadership model.

We support mentors with ongoing communications and learning spaces, along with effectively strengthening regional networks.

The Mentor in You

Our Mentors are professionals from all around the world, from all genders, and working in any sector. They show up with courage in their own leadership journeys and are committed and adaptable to the needs and priorities of their mentees. We appreciate our mentors, as they are sensitive and respectful to different cultures and identities, and demonstrate high ethical standards and act with integrity.


You don’t have to be at the peak of your career, have three diplomas, or have life figured out to be a good mentor. If you have experience supporting women in reaching their career or leadership goals, whether formal or informal, you are welcome to join our global community. What matters to us is your ability to establish and maintain trust, listen, encourage, ask thoughtful questions, and reflect with your mentee. You are a confidante, a guide, a gender equity ally, and most importantly, an invaluable pillar of support to a woman’s journey to lead change.

Your Role as Mentor

As a Wedu Mentor, you commit to:


  • Meeting online at least twice per month, via Zoom or other platform – this means that you and your mentee can be based anywhere in the world;
  • Dedicating 3 to 6 hours every month, for a minimum of 8 months – this fosters a long-term meaningful relationship with the achievement of her short and long-term goals in mind;
  • Utilising our Leadership Development curriculum, resources, and team support to discuss valuable leadership topics and opportunities for growth with your mentee;
  • Providing your mentee with the guidance to think critically about her ideas and goals, while sharing your own experience and learnings along the way; and
  • Showing a desire to grow, learn and give back to the community.

Our Mentorship Programmes

We offer customised mentorship programmes specifically for women in the communities of our partners. To bring Wedu’s mentorship in your organisation, reach out to us at mentorship@weduglobal.org.

Global Mentorship Programme

The Global Mentorship Programme (GMP) is Wedu’s flagship mentorship initiative. In this one-on-one online mentorship programme, mentors across the world are paired with Rising Stars from Asia for eight months, with the option to extend, to achieve their goals and grow their leadership skills. The programme nurtures a meaningful leadership journey for both the mentees and mentors.


Mentorship matching for GMP occurs every February, June, and October. We review applications on a rolling basis, so you can apply at any time. But to join the next cycle, please apply before the 18th of January, May or September.



Mentorship for Resilience and Leadership in Refugees

Since 2018, Wedu has partnered with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and supported 150+ refugees (ages 18-30) residing in refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. The majority of them have been living in these temporary shelters for more than two decades with minimal opportunity for safe repatriation or local integration.


Through mentorship, the programme aims to build refugees’ resilience (ability to persevere under challenging conditions) by nurturing supportive relationships through peer mentorship circles and increasing refugees’ sense of agency through goal setting and overall leadership development.


Mentors must speak S’gaw Karen and/or Burmese to fully engage with the mentees for this programme. We are not accepting mentors for this programme at the moment, but you may register your interest for the Global Mentorship Programme and we will consider you for the next matching cycle.

YSEALI Women's Leadership Academy

Since 2016, Wedu has designed annual sector-specific or thematic mentorship and leadership training programmes for the U.S.-ASEAN Women’s Leadership Academy for YSEALI. YSEALI (Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative) is a programme funded by the U.S. State Department for young leaders in Southeast Asia.


This year’s Academy supports over 60 young Southeast Asian woman leaders addressing food security from different dimensions — agriculture, trade, biotech, nutrition, and more. If you have at least five (5) years of experience in similar fields, are based in the U.S. or Southeast Asia, and are ready to guide an emerging woman changemaker, we invite you to apply for this program by Friday, 15 March 2024. The mentorship programme will run from May to December 2024.



⟶ Watch last year’s Academy highlights in Bali

The Impact of Mentorship

according to Wedu mentors and mentees

Milena - Mentor

The part that I find most meaningful about being a Wedu mentor is to connect with someone living across the world and with a different culture. This adventure has allowed me to expand my cultural sensitivity and appreciation for diversity.


Today, I feel proud that my mentee has grown in her personal and professional life to the point that she has become a Wedu mentor too!


—Milena, mentor, Spain

Kayla - Mentor

Mentoring at Wedu, for me, is important because it provides an opportunity to give back to women in meaningful ways that can positively shift mindsets, equip goal-focused journeys, and empower both parties involved in powerful, compassionate, and sustainable ways.


—Kayla, mentor, United States

Izza - Mentee

As I embarked on my journey in public health and was beginning a new role, the conversations I had with my Mentor were monumental in helping me shape my career aspirations and work towards my goals.


I benefited greatly from her presence as a listening ear and sounding board in navigating my own personal and professional journey, especially during the tough times of the height of COVID.


—Izza, YSEALI Women’s Leadership Academy mentee, Singapore

202201_Mentor_GMP_YSEALI_Santosh Nair_Regional Head, User Engagement APAC & MEA, Siemens

Helping my mentee navigate significant challenges in her work and leadership was an incredibly rewarding experience. I learned so much about my own positionality in the process.


It’s high time more people become mentors, and more organisations invest in them because supporting women leaders isn’t just good for women, it’s good for everyone.


—Santosh, mentor, India

Joyee - Mentee

Belonging to an indigenous community and minority in my country, I always faced the issues of finding myself among others surrounding me. With the help of my Wedu mentor, I am learning to be who I am and a proud woman of what I do.


I aspire to be such a person where I can contribute back to my indigenous roots and what I received all through these years, and my mentors inspire me to do that accordingly.


—Joyee, Rising Star and GMP mentee, Bangladesh

Naw Sweety Paul's photo

Mentorship is particularly vital for refugee youths, as it helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses, giving them direction and purpose. Constructive criticism accelerates personal growth, making it easier to overcome challenges.


With my mentors’ guidance, refugees and women like me can refine their strategies and make informed decisions, ultimately propelling them toward their leadership goals.


—Sweet, Mentorship for Resilience & Leadership in Refugees mentee, Myanmar

Frequently Asked Questions

Have other questions? Please write to us at mentorship@weduglobal.org.


I have never formally mentored before. Can I apply?

If you have at least two years of experience supporting and guiding women with their career and/or leadership ambitions, whether in formal or informal settings, you are welcome to apply. What’s important is your demonstrated ability to listen, encourage, ask thoughtful questions, and reflect with your mentee.

I have a full-time job. Can I be a mentor?

Yes, this is a volunteer opportunity, and the time commitment is only 3 to 6 hours per month for a period of 8 months. The mentoring hours are flexible and you can mutually decide with your mentee to schedule mentoring sessions and the duration of each session based on your and your mentee’s availability.

Mentor Engagement

Can I be matched in more than one programme?

As a mentor at Wedu, you can be a part of other programmes based on the mentor eligibility criteria of the programme. At any time in your mentoring journey, you can be matched with up to two mentees (in the same or two different programmes) however, each mentee would still need to have one-on-one sessions with you. Therefore the time commitment would be double if you choose to be matched with two mentees.

How will the sessions be held?

All programmes are virtual, and mentorship sessions will be held online on a free audio-video calling software such as Zoom, skype etc. The mentor and mentee can mutually decide which platform works best for these sessions out of the available options.

At what time will the sessions take place?

While the timeline of the mentorship is fixed, the timing of the sessions is to be mutually decided by the mentor and mentee. We recommend that each mentorship pair has at least two sessions per month.

How many times do I need to speak with my mentee in a month?

We expect a commitment from Mentors to give 3 to 6 hours to the mentorship programme and each mentee they are matched with. We recommend that mentors and mentees have at least two monthly sessions, and they can mutually decide to have more sessions if needed. Each session typically takes between 1 to 2 hours.

Will I be paid for mentoring?

No, this is an unpaid volunteering opportunity to support the development of mentees in Asia with changemaking ambitions. Mentors benefit from their mentorship experience by gaining a sense of personal fulfilment, developing their leadership skills, learning from their mentees, networking with experienced mentors, and being invited to professional speaking opportunities.

What support can I get from Wedu?

The Wedu team will be here to support you through your mentorship journey with resources and information. You will be taken through an orientation session before starting your mentorship. You will receive Wedu’s Leadership Development Curriculum to structure the mentorship with your mentee and other programme information.

Wedu’s Mentorship Programmes

Can I be matched in more than one programme?

As a mentor at Wedu, you can be a part of other programmes based on the mentor eligibility criteria of the programme. At any time in your mentoring journey, you can be matched with up to two mentees (in the same or two different programmes) however, each mentee would still need to have one-on-one sessions with you. Therefore the time commitment would be double if you choose to be matched with two mentees.

Are all programmes for women?

Wedu works to support women’s leadership development, and most of our programmes are for women. However, the Mentoring for Resilience and Leadership in Refugees Along the Thai-Myanmar Border is open to refugees in 6 camps irrespective of gender. Additionally, our mentors can be from any gender.

I want to partner with Wedu and bring mentorship to my organisation.

We appreciate your interest in engaging with us! We offer interactive 2-hour virtual sessions where volunteers mentor emerging women leaders from Asia and expand their knowledge and sensitivity on the importance of showing up as a gender equity ally. We can also customise our one-on-one mentorship programmes for women at your company or community.


In addition to the engagement opportunities mentioned, we are open to discussing and designing new engagement formats with our partners. Please reach out to us at mentorship@weduglobal.org.

Engagement Opportunities

Become a Wedu Mentor

We accept mentor applications on a rolling basis, so you can apply at any time. All genders and nationalities are welcome to apply. We will reach out to you once we have reviewed your application.



Partner With Us

Bring impactful one-on-one mentoring to the women in your company or community. Reach out to us for partnership opportunities at  mentorship@weduglobal.org.

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