“I feel I can help people on a larger scale - it’s not only to help individuals but entire communities, the country, or the world.”
- Munmun

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Rising Stars are action-oriented women who lead the change in their communities, schools, businesses, and beyond. Being an inspiring leader is not an easy nor straight path – invest in your leadership development to help you reach your goals.
Do you see your potential?

Why Become a Rising Star?


As a Rising Star, you will gain lifelong access to our dynamic, always-evolving Leadership Development programmes and services, ranging from mentorship and education funding to leadership opportunities and a global community of professionals.

About Our Rising Stars


Our Rising Stars represent diverse backgrounds and interests – we do not restrict or select based on cultural and socioeconomic factors, nor political, religious, and professional affiliations. We invite you to apply if:


  • You are a woman of Asian nationality
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are either:
    • applying to attend university at the Bachelor’s level within the next year
    • planning to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree in the future
    • currently enrolled in university at any level
    • a young professional focused on professional and career development
  • You demonstrate a deep commitment to working towards social change in your community
  • You are searching for opportunities and resources to help you with your leadership development

Application Process

Duration: 3-4 months

Language: English

Format: Online

Hours: 5-10 per month


Online Application

Complete the online application via our website! Tell us what you’re passionate about and why you’re a changemaker.



This self-paced, two-month online course guides you to refine your leadership goals and prepare for the journey ahead.


Community Interviews

After successfully completing the Introduction to Leadership programme, you will be invited to interviews with our Community to share more about your vision and plans.

Next Application Deadline


Questions about the Rising Star application and selection process can be emailed to changemakers@weduglobal.org.