Our mission is to unlock the leadership potential of women in Asia by providing lifelong mentorship, leadership training and innovative financing options for higher education to women who are changemakers in their communities.


We envision a world where half of all leadership positions are held by women, and where every woman has the support and opportunity to reach her full potential. In a world where many young women face limited opportunities due to gender, financial and cultural barriers, Wedu aims to provide programs and services that help each and every determined woman achieve the vision she has for herself and for her community.


Wedu is a leadership development organization that focuses on supporting female leaders, or ‘Rising Stars’, who are leading the change in their communities. These inspiring women stand out in their communities, exhibit strong leadership qualities and demonstrate a commitment to action.


We recognize that every leader has their own unique journey, vision and needs, so we aim to offer a growing set of tools that will support them in this path. At Wedu, mentorship, leadership training, leadership opportunities and financing options for university education are combined in personalized ways to help our Rising Stars realize their full leadership potential – one goal, action or achievement at a time.

We believe that investment in women’s leadership is not only important for the individual, but also because of the multiplier effect it has on the positive development of communities, countries and society as a whole.

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