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Our mission is to unlock the leadership potential of women in Asia by providing lifelong mentorship and innovative financing options to complete higher education and become change-makers in their communities.


We envision a world where individuals from the least developed corners of the world have the tools to change their own lives, and the leadership skills to catalyze positive development in their communities and contribute to social advancement in their home country.


Wedu is a leadership development organization that aims to unlock the leadership potential of young women in Asia, enabling them to become leaders of their own development and that of their community. Wedu achieves this mission by offering mentorship and innovative financing options for completing university education to high potential women (‘Rising Stars’). Together, mentorship and education give young women the tools to realize their full leadership potential and goals.


Wedu works with young women throughout Asia, with a focus on underserved communities, who exhibit strong leadership qualities. Each Rising Star is individually matched with a committed mentor who works with her to create the conditions and develop the skills necessary to help her achieve her goal of effecting social change.

We believe that investment in women’s leadership not only empowers women, but also has a
multiplier effect on improving the development of communities and countries as a whole.

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