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Open Positions

Unless otherwise noted in the job description, all positions are remote.


We are seeking a volunteer trustee with substantive experience in the charity sector, a keen understanding of effective governance, and prior experience serving on boards to join our UK board for a three-year term. This trustee will contribute 3-5 hours per month and work closely with the ED (who is the Company Secretary) to ensure compliance with the charity commission and UK regulations. There are no geographic constraints.


We also provide ongoing internship opportunities for students and professionals who want to volunteer their skills for at least 3 months of their time. During the interview process, we’ll work with you to design a meaningful internship based on our current needs and your skills and interests. Unless otherwise noted, all positions are remote.

For individuals, universities and volunteer/internship placement organisations who would like to inquire further, please contact


We believe in the ability of authentic content and good design to engage our Community and global audiences, but effective communication also requires good planning, data, and strategy. As a Marketing & Communications department intern, you will work across teams to design and use effective communications in order to reach different organisational objectives. Your specific project will depend on where organisational priorities lie at the moment and what fits best with your skills, experiences, and interests.