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Careers & Project Internships

We currently have the following job openings and special project internships available. Unless otherwise noted in the job description, all positions are located in Bangkok, Thailand.


We’re looking for the next great leader to join our team! As our Regional Executive Director, you will be responsible for supporting the design and implementation of the overall strategic direction in Asia, working alongside the global Board in the UK, our local Boards in Asia, peer organisational leads, and other Wedu entities. This role includes the management of the foundation’s resources and the implementation of plans and strategies to make sure that the vision and sustainability of the organisation is achieved. You will have direct oversight over our core business functions, which includes finance & accounting, systems & IT, talent development & HR, office administration, and legal & compliance.


As our Marketing & Communications Coordinator, you will oversee the marketing and communications needs for the organisation by successfully implementing strategic initiatives and supporting specific programmatic objectives. With direction from the management team, you will be responsible for managing our global brand experience and identity. You will also collaborate with other team members to build our global Community of Rising Stars, Mentors, donors, partners, and supporters, with a specific focus on telling their stories and communicating our impact. This role offers a unique opportunity to catalyse Wedu’s impact and influence in the region via brand-building, digital communications, events, PR, and community development.


As the Assistant Manager, you will play a key role in the programme operations and customer aspects of our programmes in Cambodia, including managing the relationship of local outreach partners and sponsors. Your role will entail close interaction with our project partners and participants through various communication and programme management channels to ensure satisfaction, quality, and engagement. The project consists of supporting young women with leadership training and mentorship in Cambodia (including all provinces) and will require an eight-month commitment from November 2018 to June 2019.

FISA (Future Income Sharing Agreement) OPERATIONS COORDINATOR

As FISA Operations Coordinator, your role will be key to overseeing and executing all of the steps required to award and manage a growing volume of FISA contracts. This includes reviewing applications, managing communications with potential and current FISA recipients, managing disbursements and collections, and reporting to our funding partners (e.g. Kiva). This role also offers an opportunity to contribute to new and innovative initiatives that will help expand FISA in the region.

General Internships

We also provide ongoing internship opportunities for students and professionals who want to volunteer their skills for at least 3 months of their time. During the interview process, we’ll work with you to design a meaningful internship based on our current needs and your skills and interests. Unless otherwise noted, all positions are located in Bangkok, Thailand.


For individuals, universities and volunteer/internship placement organisations who would like to inquire further, please contact


We believe in the ability of authentic content and good design to engage our Community and global audiences, but effective communication also requires good planning, data, and strategy. As a Marketing & Communications department intern, you will work across teams to design and use effective communications in order to reach different organisational objectives. Your specific project will depend on where organisational priorities lie at the moment and what fits best with your skills, experiences, and interests.


The Corporate Partnership Intern will play a key role supporting Wedu’s corporate partners/accounts through the delivery of leadership development services, primarily our for-profit corporate employee development product. Your role will entail supporting client service and sales strategy through market research and simple data analysis, as well as supporting the development of communication and marketing documents to engage potential clients. This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of Wedu’s social business model and financial sustainability with the development of creative corporate partnerships in Asia.


Future Income Sharing Agreements (FISAs) are a mechanism to finance the higher education needs of Rising Stars. FISAs are neither loans nor scholarships, and have been designed to be affordable and flexible for students.


As the FISA Development Intern, you will play a key role in supporting the expansion of FISAs to new countries, while also contributing to the enhancement of policies, procedures and processes around FISAs. This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of Wedu, and influence the development of higher education financing solutions for needy and deserving students.