Education should be a basic right for all; financing that education should be accessible and affordable.

Affordable Funding with Future Income Sharing Agreements

Wedu’s Future Income Sharing Agreements (FISAs) offer you an affordable way to fund your education. Unlike loans, FISAs are designed to adjust with the realities of your unique leadership journey, because contributions are only due when you’re employed or earning an income. With FISAs, your contributions also help fund future generations of women leaders who also seek the same financial support, making your education even more impactful than it already is.

Why Choose a FISA?


Contributions are always calculated as a percentage of your income, which means the amount changes as your income goes up or down. If you become unemployed or decide to pursue another degree, your contributions are paused until you start earning again.


Unlike loans, we don’t ask for any credit terms or financial collateral. Our FISA contracts are capped at a predetermined number of years, during which you agree to pay forward a portion of your monthly income. With these simple terms, you can plan your financial future with more certainty.


FISAs can be awarded to pay for multiple years of your tuition and other expenses (up to USD 5,000), and your contributions only begin after you graduate and find employment. This allows you to focus on your studies now and help others do the same later.

FISA in More Detail

We believe that financial support has the most impact on a young woman’s life when it is combined with effective leadership development support and resources. Therefore, we only provide FISAs to women who consistently demonstrate a strong commitment to their leadership development.


When you apply for funding, we will review the best possible funding options before any commitment is made. FISA terms will vary from person to person, and even though awarding depends on each individual’s circumstances and engagement with their community, we aim to be able to provide funding to everyone who needs it.


Currently, FISAs are available to women aged 18 and above from Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, or the Philippines. We are working to find funding and partners to expand the reach of FISAs.