Find focus in your leadership development objectives

Introduction to Leadership (ITL) is a 2-part online programme designed to help you find focus in your leadership development objectives and start reflecting upon your personal and professional goals.

ITL is an entryway for you to be part of the Wedu Leadership Community, which will open other opportunities such as life-long mentorship through Rising Stars programme and education funding through FISA programme

ITL in More Detail

Language: English

Format: Online

Hours: Approx 2 hours per week

Duration: One Month (for each part)

ITL covers an exciting and challenging schedule of activities consists of two parts:

  • ITL – Part 1
  • ITL – Part 2 – for you who are eager to learn and discover more after taking the ITL Part 1.

Through a series of online exercises expect to discover your purpose and goals as well as learning more about leadership development and self management tools. With our curriculum, we are committed to provide you a meaningful leadership journey.

See your potential? Be part of our Leadership Community by joining our Introduction to Leadership!