Innovative Financing for Education

Higher education is a powerful tool that can help unlock leadership potential. However, it remains financially inaccessible to many individuals around the world, most notably for women from underserved backgrounds.


Wedu aims to help address this gap in access by providing access to innovative financing options for high potential women across Asia . With scholarship grants and Future Income Sharing Agreements (FISAs), Rising Stars receive guidance and planning support to choose the type of financing option that best suits their future goals.

Wedu Scholarships

Wedu provides scholarships of up to USD 3,000 per Rising Star, who are pursuing or applying for a university education in Asia. All scholarship candidates must take part in the Wedu Leadership Development Program for at least 6 months before being eligible to apply for financial support. This is because Wedu believes that financial support has the most impact toward a young woman’s education when it is complemented with effective leadership development tools and resources.

Future Income Sharing Agreements

Wedu is pioneering Future Income Sharing Agreements (FISAs), an innovative financing option for university education in Asia. FISAs are financial instruments that are more flexible and affordable than loans. Rising Stars who have been granted FISAs will receive up to USD 5,000 for their university education, agree to contribute a small percentage of their future income for a fixed amount of time to pay it forward to the next generation of Rising Stars who need funding support. For the Rising Star, this means a university education will be much more affordable and impactful than it ever was.

Why Choose a FISA?

1Affordable &
Employment Dependent

Since a FISA contribution is a percentage of your income, it will always be affordable regardless of your income level. The payment amount will adjust with any changes to your income or employment status. If you are unemployed or decide to return to school, there will only be a small monthly fee due during this time.

2Financial Control & Long-term Planning

The contribution period is capped at a maximum of 10 years, at a fixed percentage of monthly income ranging anywhere from 5% to 10%, so that FISA recipients can plan their financial future with high certainty.

3Obtain your Education & Help Others Do the Same

Wedu is invested in the education of young women leaders in Asia. Wedu will use FISA contributions to finance the education of other Rising Stars who also dream of pursuing a university education.

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