Do You See the Potential?

Rising Star Video Competition

Suthasiny | Thailand

I explain how Wedu’s given me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally with the support of my mentor.

Umme Rubaiyat | Bangladesh

The video explains about the barriers which I have overcome in my career with the help of Wedu.

LIN SANDA | Myanmar

My video is about my identity, my goal regarding my community and how WEDU is supporting me to achieve my community goal. In this video, I would like to be an example showing the potential of our Wedu Rising Stars.

Menuka | Nepal

This video reflects my journey from my childhood till now and how Wedu have supported me to become the person I am now. As a school kid, I always new that I want to be different and didn’t want to limit my knowledge between the school walls. I feel really blessed to have such supportive groups like Wedu and Women LEAD that have constantly pushed me to grow better and polish my leadership skills not just for myself but for my whole community and Nepal. This video defines me, while editing this video I had a chance to reflect back and see how far I have come and I am definitely proud of myself. And just wanted to thank Wedu and every staff that put so much effort to support us to be a change maker.

ZamZam | Bangladesh

My video describes that the learning and knowledge of having women leaders of the community, how important is to have women leaders influence our lives. It says about the fruits of leadership and mentorship training program that Wedu taught me and the impact of change I got to be a leader in my community. This video also shares information on my starting of a social awareness campaign called Right To Information dedicated to advocate people’s right to know and make them aware of their rights. it also calls upon other women to take up leadership role and give back something to their community and also acquire the best leadership training form Wedu .

Aarju | Nepal

This video is about engineering in a developing country, how only a few women study engineering and that there are always chances for us to create opportunities.

Pemba | Nepal

Reagarding my video, I have written each picture with their description on what I have done, where and when.
Whatsoever, My video includes the pictures of the volunteering work that I did over past years. There are pictures of me participating Japanese hair show which was held in 2013.All the hair dressers were Japanese. The main purpose was to exchange cultures between Nepal and Japan. Rest of the social works are done in Nepal and Switzerland just taking my time to do something good for others.
All in all, I enjoyed my life while carrying out such works.