Welcome Programme Participants! This page contains all of the information you need about Wedu’s funding options for your higher education. Please go through this page carefully before beginning your funding application, and if you have any questions or have any trouble accessing the materials, email funding@weduglobal.org.


Please take note that we are unable to provide funding for conferences, trainings, competitions, and projects/ventures unless specifically stated in a leadership opportunity. For things like this, we encourage you to apply for any scholarships or discounts offered directly by the organisers of the leadership opportunity, or to seek alternate sources of funding well in advance of your deadline.




We’re excited to announce that as part of that effort, we’re expanding our FISA programme, which now offers greater year-round funding opportunities to more Wedu’s Leadership Community than ever before in an increased number of countries. As you’ll discover in the materials provided below, FISAs are flexible and affordable, provide financial independence, and can be awarded for multiple academic years – allowing you to focus on your studies now, and then adjusting with your employment and income once you graduate.


FISAs also allow us to partner with you by helping to fund the education of future leaders. Your funds gain a second life after repayment, allowing us to provide funding to everyone who needs it.

Keep Rising!


Funding applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year and are reviewed on a rolling basis. You can expect to receive a decision about your FISA within 1-2 months from the date of your application, so please consider this timeline when planning your application and financial needs.