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Please read the instructions below before you start and answer each question carefully. There are two pages to this form - page 1 includes general questions and page 2 asks in-depth essay questions. We look forward to reviewing your application and hopefully welcoming you to the Wedu community in the coming months!

  1. Please answer in English and pay special attention to specific answer formats.
  2. Make sure to answer every required question; incomplete forms cannot be processed, and information you submit may be subject to verification in later stages of the Rising Star selection process.
  3. ESSAYS: Please respect the word limit, be honest and succinct. You should aim to express who you are while sharing what is most relevant to Wedu's program, community and mission, as well as demonstrate the ability to organize and clearly communicate your thoughts.
Please contact if you have any questions.
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Please note that you will have to apply for financial assistance separately and that funding is never guaranteed. For immediate questions regarding funding eligibility or the funding application please email

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Once you are selected as a Rising Star, you will have access to join Wedu's Rising Star Facebook community. Your Facebook name will help us invite or verify you to join the group.


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Before inviting Rising Star applicants to a final selection interview, you are required to participate in Wedu's 'Leadership Training and Orientation Program (LTOP)'. This is a 2-month program that is online, mostly self-paced and designed to help you get the most out of mentorship with your Mentor (once selected as a Rising Star).

Please note that Wedu will always try our best to honor the privacy preferences of our community members and will never sell nor share your personal details to other organizations. In the spirit of connection and community, we may share your basic information with other community members for Wedu-related purposes only, as well as reach out to you should we want to share your leadership journey in our online and offline channels!
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Privacy and Data Protection

We aim to treat your personal information with the utmost care and comply with GDPR regulations. To read more about how we use your personal information and your rights, please read our full Privacy & Data Protection Policy.

Wedu’s full Privacy & Data Protection Policy is always available on our website. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to learn more, please contact us at

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Leadership Actions

Please submit your accomplishments here.

Essay Questions
Please use the following questions to tell us a little bit about who you are, what you are passionate about and how you have demonstrated leadership in your community so far. Every changemaker has a story to tell and to write - we invite you to use the following space to provide detailed information about yourself, with specific examples as much as possible, that express who you are as a leader and your personal connection with the issues you are passionate about solving.

Please take note of and respect the word limits. In case you have weak or intermittent internet connection, we advise you to save the form from time to time, or draft your answers offline and then copy-paste them into the spaces below when you are ready to submit.

This should be a short one-sentence statement. Please limit your response to 140 characters (like Twitter!).

Please limit your response to 500 characters (approximately 100 words).

Please limit your response to 1,000 characters (approximately 200 words).

Please limit your response to 1,500 characters (approximately 300 words).

Please limit your response to 1,500 characters (approximately 300 words).
Rising Star Code of Honour

Congratulations on applying to be a Rising Star!  As a potential Rising Star, you will have a rewarding and fulfilling journey. Wedu and your Mentor are committed in supporting you on your leadership journey.  Your decision to apply to be a Rising Star indicates that you believe in your ability to create positive change in your community and the world. Being a Rising Star carries the responsibility of interacting appropriately with your Mentor, according to the highest ethical standards at all times, as outlined in our Rising Star Code of Honour.

Please read the following guidelines carefully and sign below. 

If I am selected as a Rising Star, I agree to the following:

1. I will be fully committed to my leadership development and will devote appropriate time to my mentorship and assignments.

2. I will never intentionally do or suggest anything which may risk the physical or psychological security of any person associated with Wedu.

3. I understand that my Mentor will be able to support me in the following:

a. Help me identify my personal and professional goals

b. Find answers through a process of self-evaluation

c. Provide knowledge/guidance on how to fulfill aspirations

d. Guide me through thinking and decision making

4. I understand that my Mentor will not be required to support me in the following:

a. Direct funding

b. Therapy/counseling 

c. Editing homework or publications

d. Resolving personal legal issues or trauma

5. I will be present. I will not be distracted by the phone, meetings, nor calls while with my Mentor.

6. I will honour the expected time commitment of the Leadership Development Programme: two mentorship sessions per month via phone or other voice application; suggested duration for each mentoring session is one hour per session.

a. I understand that if I am unable to attend the scheduled mentorship session, it is my responsibility to notify my Mentor at least 24 hours in advance.

7. If I am unable to keep to this commitment for two months or more for any reason, I understand that I would be adversely impacting: 

a. My relationship with my Mentor and Wedu.  I risk being suspended from the program so that Wedu can match my Mentor with another Rising Star.

b. My ability to access future leadership opportunities (i.e., funding, speaking opportunities, recommendation letters, conferences, and so forth).

8. I will honour the Mentor opening up by opening up myself.

9. I will share with Wedu my experience and concerns through calls, emails, and surveys.

10. I will appreciate the diversity of this experience and approach my Mentor’s unique background, culture, and challenges with an open mind.

11. I will inform Wedu before making plans to meet a Wedu Mentor in person.

a. I will inform the Leadership Development Team of the date, time, and location of the meeting.

b. I will ensure the meeting takes place in a public space without alcohol or drugs.

c. I will decline any in-person meetings with my Mentor or others in Wedu’s Mentorship Programme if I do not feel comfortable, and I will notify Wedu’s Leadership Development Team. 

12. I understand that professional responsibilities continue beyond the mentorship relationship.  I agree to maintain confidentiality of all information relating to Mentors.

13. I will demonstrate professionalism with all individuals I interact with through the Mentorship Programme, including fellow Rising Stars, Mentors, and the Wedu staff.  I will respect the variety of different approaches to mentorship.

14. I will acknowledge Wedu when speaking at public events or writing in public forums on topics related to my experience as a Rising Star.

15. I will inform Wedu when I am recognized by other organizations related to my leadership development.

16. I understand that Wedu prioritises my well-being and I will contact the Leadership Development Team if any issues arise so that my Mentor, Wedu, and I can resolve the problem together.  

17. I understand that if I share any concerning information that negatively impacts my personal safety, my Mentor has an obligation to disclose that information with the Leadership Development Team to prioritise my well-being. 

18. If I become aware that my Mentor’s safety or the safety of another person is in jeopardy through disclosure from my Mentor (e.g., child abuse, sexual abuse, etc.), I will report my concern to the Leadership Development Team immediately. 

19. I understand that Wedu financial support options are offered only after I have been accepted as a Rising Star for a minimum of 6 months. I understand that applying for these opportunities is optional and funding is not guaranteed.

20. I acknowledge that my participation in Wedu's Mentorship Programme is voluntary. If I identify that I need to take a break (Leave of Absence) or discontinue my participation, I will notify Wedu’s Leadership Development Team immediately to give other deserving Rising Stars the opportunity to grow.

21. If I have any questions or concerns that arise during my participation in the Mentorship Programme, I will reach out directly to Wedu’s Leadership Development Team by sending an email to

Becoming a Rising Star will be a profound opportunity and experience. By signing this you are committing to make every effort to maintain professionalism, improve your leadership skills, and exercise good judgment when engaged in any activity with your Mentor.

Mentorship is not a universal cure for all the problems/decisions that you are facing. The essence of mentorship is a sustained human relationship: a one-on-one relationship that shows that both parties are valued as people and are important to society.

After the close of the current application period, a member of the Wedu team will be in touch with you via email to invite you to Wedu's Leadership Training & Orientation Program (LTOP). Please note that the entire Rising Star selection process takes around 3-4 months and involves this application, LTOP and a final interview.

Should you successfully complete each step, you will then be accepted as a Rising Star and invited to join Wedu's Leadership Development Program. The program starts every February, June and October, which is when you will
be matched with a dedicated Mentor to begin the next phase of your leadership journey together. Please make sure you're able to commit from the next available start date so that you and your Mentor have an engaging and productive learning experience!

Thank you and good luck!