10 Days To Go: Come Join Us, Make A Difference!

It’s been a month sin ce Wedu launched its crowdfunding campaign. We need your contribution because in order to truly realize our mission – to nurture the generation of female leaders by providing education to young women – we need sufficient funding to build the critical infrastructure required to support young leaders in developing countries. Until today, we have received more than US$1,200 from over 30 funders across the globe. A BIG THANKS to all of you: you are the education angels who are really going to make some changes in the world! This already equates to a degree in Cambodia but we would like to catalyze many more young leaders.

If empowering women leaders matters to you, donate for the cause and bring a friend to Wedu’s community. It is still a long way for us to reach our US$25,000 goal and we need your support. Our Indiegogo campaign lays out how we plan to use the funds raised from you. You can contribute not only by donating but also by following our Facebook and Twitter page. Your every little contribution matters a lot to us and to the potential young leaders who are ready to fulfill their potential through higher education and inspiring mentorship. Act now, and become change-makers by supporting Wedu’s crowdfunding campaign!

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