Bao Anh: Bringing Positive Growth to Youth

My name’s Diep Bao Anh from Vietnam. I have been working with the Department of International Collaboration and Project Promotion at Tra Vinh University – a public university in the Mekong Delta region since 2014. I’m in charge of developing educational partnership with universities, institutions and organizations from Europe, Asia, and Oceania. I’m also working as an assistant coordinator in many annual projects and exchange programs between Tra Vinh University and its international partners with variety topics including environment sustainable development , social entrepreneurship, teaching and peace building.

Being an Assistant Coordinator came to me gradually and eventually as fate. I faced many obstacles and challenges at the beginning such as solving urgent issues and being assertive in making decisions. However, the more I got involved in activities with students through exchange programs and community-based projects, the more I find that I’m passionate about working with youth. Having the opportunities to work closely with domestic and international students allow me to learn and develop adaptability skills to handle variety of difficult situations and master my communication skills with individuals from different origins. I’m always inspired by
youth’s energy and passion, that reciprocate back to me as I’m constantly surrounded by people who are motivated, sensitive, creative, receptive and action-oriented.

By participating in the YSEALI Women’s Leadership Academy 2018 that Wedu organized, I have enriched with new kills, expanded the connection network of women leaders around ASEAN. Above all, I am more confident and believe in my own choices through my leadership journey. My future plan is to continue to step forward with my commitments. I would like to devote my enthusiasm to encourage the spirit of learning, integrity, and creativity among the younger generation especially students through community-based projects and exchange programs that I have been working on.

With all my energy, knowledge and enthusiasm, I want to bring every possible opportunity to the students for positive growth and changes. I believe in social change and all investments toward the younger generation are the driving force for sustainable development and a better future.


About the Writer

Diep Bao Anh is Wedu’s Programme Participant, participated at the 2018 YSEALI Women’s Leadership Academy in Jakarta. She hold a Master Degree in International Relations from Bond University, Australia in 2013.

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