Community Response to Covid-19: Andrea Mendoza’s Story


Andrea Faye Selorio Mendoza is a 21 year old Disc Jockey at One Radio 101.3 in Philippines, and she became a Rising Star in March 2020. She informs that in the Philippines, Covid-19 has affected a lot of aspects – the way of living, educational institutions and the economy in general. Furthermore, the pandemic virus has also affected the relationship towards other people in the community due to a fear of infection as well as social distancing.

She uses her profession as a DJ to raise awareness about COVID-19 in her community and in all the areas that can reach the station’s frequency. Her motto is “Always have a reason to smile” and this keeps her going everyday.

She says, “Since I work in the media (Radio Station) I have the power to speak out and inform people in my community about what is COVID-19 and how it differs from other coronaviruses. Also about what the best practices are at this time and ways of how to prevent getting infected.”

She shares how after becoming a Wedu Rising Star she was able to rediscover herself and mold herself through the reflections. She was able to realize that a little step goes a long way and the power of speaking and using her platform in raising awareness.

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