Community Response to Covid-19: Ravina Shrestha’s Story

Ravina B. Shrestha has been a Rising Star from Nepal since 2014. Being a doctor, she feels it is her responsibility to share the correct information on Covid-19, which is why she created a video in her local language, which has over 14,000 views.

As more people are staying inside their homes and lots of false information is shared online, it is of utmost importance for people from the medical background to step up for the nation. A lot of precautions can be seen on social media, only a few of which are effective. Her aim is to disseminate the correct information to her community and beyond, to urge them to adapt to the new practices shared by the WHO and the government. She also routinely answers questions posted to her online and recommends the public not to lie about their travel history since the virus may flare at any moment. 


When asked what inspires her, she says, “I have been with Wedu for the past 5-6 years already and I see people posting about their achievements and the impact they create for their communities.”

The link to her video is here.

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