Fashionista Turned Aspiring Animation Entrepreneur

Sandy, 21, studies International Business Management at Payap International College in Chiang Mai and was preparing for a future to establish her own fashion company in Myanmar – that is, until her mentor helped her unveil her true calling.

“I might have had a passion for fashion, but I’m more passionate about the entertainment industry.”

After a year of correspondence with her mentor, Sandy has decided to become not only the first female in Myanmar to do animation, but to establish the very first animation company in the country. She notes with disappointment that there are no professional avenues in Myanmar to help achieve her dreams of empowering and enriching the minds of young audiences.

The decision has not come lightly or without her own reservations. Resolute on the fashion industry, she was hard pressed to consider career tracks that utilized her greatest passion: creating powerful, fun, and engaging stories. Her mentor helped to expand her comfort zone and consider less traveled opportunities.

“If I didn’t get to meet with my mentor and didn’t learn about my comfort zone, I would still be a stubborn young woman who’s constantly thinking about fashion brands even though she’s more interested in others.”

Sandy has demonstrated time and again that her mind is on her future. She’s represented her university at a camp for ASEAN students, did an internship working with WFTO-Asia, and has been receiving 1st class honor awards since her first year at Payap International College.

We look forward to seeing Sandy’s journey unfold and wish her the best of luck! For more features on our Rising Stars and mentors, stay tuned to our blog!

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