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Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative (SIC) and Connecther partnered to host “The Girls Impact the World Film Festival,” and we’re excited to announce that a few of our Rising Stars not only participated, but achieved with excellence!

Street-Based Sex Workers of Dhaka City

“[Sex workers of Dhaka, Bangladesh] live on an income of 100 Taka per customer (approximately $1.27USD)… There are women who want to switch to an alternate income source and it is my goal to help them do so.’”- Neealana Naushinpost, Rising Star.

Neealana Naushinpost’s documentary on the hardships of street-based sex workers of Dhaka, Bangladesh was selected as a Judge’s Choice Top 6, Global Impact and Gem’s Choice Award!


I Am Maria

“Bangladesh is a country where 49.52% of the total population is female, but how many girls or women actually make it to sports?… When men become allies of women, there is no stopping for us, this story is an example of that.”

This narrative looks into the life of Maria, a martial arts instructor and the struggles she has had as one of few woman in professional sports, and the men who not only helped her, but inspired her to be the leader she is today. Shafiqua Nawrin Oishi is a finalist for PEOPLE’S CHOICE AND GLOBAL IMPACT


The Clay Stove

“At present, 3 billion people rely on the combustion of biomass on open fires and inefficient stoves as a primary source of household energy.” Take a step into Bangladesh and see for yourself the effects of clay stoves, poverty, and the environmental toll.

Pooja Khati, is a finalist for GREEN IS sponsored by: Ian Somerhalder Foundation


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