International Women’s Day #KeepRising

Help women in Asia reach new leadership heights with our #KeepRising campaign!

March 8th is International Women’s Day. The way it’s observed varies greatly across the world: to some, this day is simply a way to give thanks to their mothers, children, family, friends, and co-workers. To others, this is a poignant day of reflection and recognition. Either way you choose to observe the holiday, it alludes to the sacrifices and achievements of women yesterday, today, and the future. However, it amounts to very little if everyone does nothing.

#KeepRising is Wedu’s response to IWD’s mantra for 2017, #BeBoldforChange. Even though the new year is still fresh upon us, women have been stepping up around the world to inspire those around them. The Women’s March held on January 21st was one of the largest movements in history where millions of women and their allies around the world took to the streets for peaceful protest, and there couldn’t be a more pressing time for this to happen.

While there have been impressive displays of solidarity around the world, there is still a desperate need for conscious and deliberate thought for the betterment of women in every facet of life. In the US, the number of women in parliament has doubled in the last 20 years. Sounds impressive, right?

“… only 50 per cent of working age women are represented in the labour force globally, compared to 76 per cent of men. What’s more, an overwhelming majority of women are in the informal economy, subsidizing care and domestic work, and concentrated in lower-paid, lower-skill occupations with little or no social protection. Achieving gender equality in the world of work is imperative for sustainable development. (UNWomen: For more information)

According to UN Women, only 22% of parliament members are women, and the disproportionate representation persists around the world. Only 9.7% of leadership positions in Myanmar are held by women and a meager 4% of fortune 500 companies have women CEOs.

Leadership isn’t easy and must be nurtured. For every great leader, there is a small army of individuals who have motivated, challenged, and offered different lenses through which that leader can see the world.

Being bold for change in 2017 is a perfect fit for Wedu. March 8th marks our fifth year in connecting young, inspirational women in Asia with mentors from around the world. There are currently 362 young Rising Stars – women in Asia who have a demonstrated impetus towards being change makers who are pursuing higher education. These young women are aspiring politicians, NGO leaders, entrepreneurs and artists, and they are passionate about social, economic, and political reform. They come from all backgrounds throughout Asia – many of whom are underprivileged –  and most importantly, they see opportunity where others see obstacles.

The mentors they’ve been connected with are truly a global community. From NGO leaders to private business men and women, from Yangon to New York, our mentors not only help add form to the opportunities our Rising Stars strive for, but add valuable life experience and resources to help them achieve. Wedu’s goal to #BeBoldforChange starts on International Women’s Day with our #KeepRising campaign. This is our way of increasing the scope of our programs and expanding the funding available to qualified Rising Stars for their higher education.

In short, your contribution ensures more young women are connected with mentors, and financial resources are available to those who would otherwise be unable to fulfill their educational needs.

Being bold in 2017 can be as simple as a $10 donation to help these young women be the leaders of tomorrow.

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