Internship Opportunities: Empowering the Wedu Community

Wedu provides opportunities to students and professionals who want to volunteer or improve their skill sets. We work with our interns to design a meaningful internship based on our current needs and their skills and interests. Most of our interns are Wedu’s community members themselves who want to explore a professional work set up to boost their career.

Umme Saima Sorna, one of our current interns, expresses, “Being a business development intern, I am involved in creating and implementing a new business development strategy with the help of a great team at Wedu. Even though it seems challenging still, I believe I will be able to develop a whole new set of cross-disciplinary skills through this internship.”

Another intern, Maleha Chowdhury says, “Wedu has been very welcoming to me as a Rising Star and the experience hasn’t changed when I started my journey as an intern. The entire team has made the process very easy going for me and is giving me every opportunity to learn. I look forward to learning from my wonderful teammates.”

Wedu hosts interns from a wide range of universities and backgrounds. We have on-going agreements with universities such as London School of Economics in UK, Thammasat University in Thailand, Asian University for Women in Bangladesh, Yale-NUS College under National University of Singapore and Columbia Business School in the US amongst many others.

Pictured above are Sorna, Ruhama, Maleha and Pooja (L to R) who are currently interning with our Leadership Development, Business Development and Marketing & Communications Department.


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