Professional Development Journey with Wedu

“Occupy my moments with knowledge”, is my moto of life; my craving for learning starts from fascination for foreign music to network with leading organizations. As a Wedu intern I am privileged to meet my expectations of learning professional tasks and know the ways of overcoming my limitations.


During my internship one of my satisfactory works was researching and drafting thirty seven national and international mental health resources for Rising Stars, because I consider mental health as one of the significant sections to support future leaders. Besides enough space to prove my existing skills, Wedu also gave me new challenges to thrive from; one of those was working with big data during survey analysis; I calculated and paraphrased respectively, quantitative and qualitative data from pre and post survey of thirty eight participants in WLA. Moments with Wedu is a lifelong learning which I will cherish and practice throughout my professional and personal development.


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