#KeepRising: Summer Edition, Vol. 2

Here are some of our Rising Stars who have graduated this year from the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh, one of our most important partners:



Rising StarNazifa Alizada_photo Nazifa Alizada graduated from with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and a double minor in Gender Studies and Asian Studies. When asked about her university experience, she says: “[Mentoring taught me that] like acquiring any other skill, you can change your poor and unpleasant habits if you have the motivations. Anger, compassion, love, kindness can also be acquired by practice. If you feel like you aren’t kind enough, practice and it will come naturally. You can really change anything about your behaviour by understanding yourself and your limitations realistically. Being self-critical doesn’t mean blaming yourself for everything, but to be aware of your deeds. Be critical of yourself… look inwardly”.









Rising Star Bich Tran also graduated from the Asian University for Women with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, minoring in Chinese. She has been attached to her mentor for less than 3 months but has already realised that they “share the same interests in helping [their] communities. Her work is of great motivation to me.”






888Kanchana Arachchi, our Rising Star from Sri Lanka, graduated with a major in Asian Studies, with a double minors in Gender Studies and the Fine Arts. When asked about her experience with Wedu, Kanchana says “Mentoring transforms my abstract ideas into a vivid map where I can drive my focus unswervingly”. #KeepRising, Kanchana!






Rising Star Tausifa Hasin TajalTausifa_photoli graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a minor in Development Studies. She is currently enrolled in an exchange program at the University of Trento, Italy to do her Masters in Economics. She tells us that her mentor, Ms. Humaira Hamid has assisted her  in  “keeping balance between [her] personal and academic life.” She says, “I have learnt to be optimistic by congratulating myself for my achievements, rather than regretting any failure. This philosophy has inspired me to go ahead with full confidence and faith in my own ability.”





Aklima Chowdhury Koli, our Rising Star from Bangladesh graduated from graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and minor in Mathematics.






Rising Star Fariba Housaini graduated in May 2016 with a major in Philosophy, Politics
and Economics (PPE) and a minor in 2ca3f7e90584fca50266e6ee914aa293e602ae0b482a616df815413def2aea88_fullAsian Studies and Development Studies. According to her, “Mentorship is a friendly relationship and a great learning experience to build trust, self-confidence, support, and motivation. My mentor generously shows interest in my success and development and one of her inspiring quotes is that no matter if we fail, trying is worth more than not trying at all. This made me feel more courageous and go forward with my goals”.








We at Wedu wish all of our Rising Stars all the very best with their future endeavours! #KeepRising!

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