Mentorship: The Courage To Strive

My name is Laitheam. I am a proud Wedu Rising Star, YSEALI alumna and co-founder of Dare & Dream Cambodia. It is my privilege to participate in YSEALI Advancing Gender Equality Workshop in Brunei as a delegate.  

The most memorable moment that I had from the workshop is when I represented as a Wedu Rising Star to share how my life has changed of reaching my best under the support from Wedu. I shared that I have become who I am today because I have a great opportunity to receive mentorship support, scholarship opportunity and get to connect with potential individuals from the Wedu family and beyond. These supports enable me to achieve my goal and know-how to utilize my great potential. I also took the opportunity to encourage the fellow leader participants to be a part of becoming a Wedu mentor so that they can be more than just ordinary but to be a part of somebody’s life transformation, just like me as a testimony today. 

The knowledge and experiences on gender mainstreaming, gender tools and assessment, and design thinking during the workshop have inspired me to gain greater courage to share my perseverance story, to speak up for underprivileged young women and to continue my mission in cultivating girl role models and women leaders in my community. Also, what I have learned from the Workshop mentors and the fellow participants is that it is never too young to become a mentor as long as we have the heart and courage to help somebody’s life to strive for their brightest version that they deserve to be.  Because becoming a mentor is a learning journey in the mentorship process that allows us to exercise our deep listening skills and having empathy, not just for mentees but toward humanity as a whole. Now, I am becoming a mentor for Sisterhood Mentorship Program that co-hosted by Women PeaceMakers organization and Dare & Dream Cambodia. 

Thank Wedu family for your long-lasting support and motivation, I wish you all the best to continue the impactful future endeavors in empowering women leaders across Asia and the world. 

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