Laitheam’s Leadership Journey

My name is Laitheam Eang. I am currently studying at School of Global Studies, majoring in Global Studies & Social Entrepreneurship.  I grew up in Cambodia where most girls drop out of school when they are 14 years old. Passionate about [social] issues, I co-founded the Dare & Dream Project empowering rural female students to achieve higher education and their true potential. Within two years we have inspired 250 young girls through mentorship support, soft skills training, and our online platform.

I first learned about Wedu through a life-changing mentorship story on social media, and then I became a Wedu Rising Star in 2016. That’s when my turning point and journey began. I am able to pursue my degree with full support and guidance from the Wedu Community.  Through Wedu, I could engage and connect with my Mentor, other Rising Stars, and also with Wedu Community. To me, Wedu is not just a leadership platform but also a safe space to shine my inner light.

Laitheam with Wedu Community

I had a precious three-year experience with my Mentor, Celine, who lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She’s more than just a mentor, she’s also a sister that comforts me when I feel insecure about life, a best friend who is willing to listen to every piece of my journey, and an advisor who always recommend useful resources for my personal development. I’m also constantly inspired by Mario, Wedu’s co-founder, he provided me with examples and guidance that has made me more confident about making a positive impact on girls in my community and establishing my own project.

In the next 10 years, I imagine myself as a successful social entrepreneur and able to provide guidance and financial support to thousands of girls pursuing higher education. I would like to see more girls attend university instead of getting married at a young age. I would like to see more women’s participation in leadership roles, rather than working in the unskilled labor force with vulnerable employment.

Lastly, my life mission is to cultivate more role models who will continue to inspire the younger generation to fight for their dream and become a role model just like their sisters.

Laitheam leading the Dare & Dream workshop


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