Ly Chhay’s Journey Begins

Ly Chhay, from Kampong Cham in Cambodia, is Wedu’s first scholar student to go study in Chittagong, Bangladesh, at the Asian Women University (AUW). Thanks to the extensive rural network of our local partner organization and our local talent spotter, Ruby,  we were able to meet Ly Chhay during her last year of school. She clearly demonstrated her leadership potential together with securing admission to AUW. Ly Chhay was offered a place at the university with a full scholarship covering her first year of study.

It is not to say that the road was not bumpy for Ly Chhay. There were many challenges for the first time: her application from rural Cambodia was delayed due to postal systems (we feared it got lost on the way!); getting a passport; obtaining the visa; saying farewell to her best friend and her family, and there was the first flight of her life! Ly Chhay, however, demonstrated strength and determination during this process of transition and moving abroad. She is now slowly beginning to settle into her university life and is enjoying learning enormously. “I am so happy today,” she told us in one of her emails, “I really learn a lot. My class is very competitive and there are so many things to do. I really like it.”

In this post we want to truly congratulate Ly Chhay on all her success. We have no doubt that this s a significant step in her long-term path of self-development. Wedu stands ready to help along this path.

We are delighted that we are starting to bring about changes in people’s lives, and through Ly Chhay’s success we see hope and opportunities. There are many more bright students who deserve to have their chance, and this encouraging piece of news of Ly Chhay’s entrance has been a great motivation to keep us moving forward.

We wish Ly Chhay all the best in her university life and will continue to support her with mentorship to develop her leadership potential. We hope that more young persons will be inspired by her and step up to grab opportunities that come their way.

Wedu is committed to bring about social change in developing countries through empowering women to take up leadership roles. Our belief in social entrepreneurship and innovation, embedded in our business model. We target on students especially girls in developing countries because we believe these young people can fly and benefit other people once they are given the opportunities.

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