Madina: Leading the Change to Support Community Development

I am Madina Tul Jeba, a Rising Star from Bangladesh and currently graduated from Daffodil International University with a bachelor degree in Software Engineering. I am a gradual learner with a passion to acquire vast knowledge about technology. While skilled in Public Speaking, I am very much passionate about User Experience and Human Computer Interaction. Besides my academics, I have been working as volunteer and community worker.

In the last three years I have been involved with many voluntary works such as organising events, outreach to people as campus lead, leading a volunteer troop for marketing, and conducting seminars. To me, leadership is an ability which can be learned and applied to the community, organisation or individually; to make changes;  articulating a reasonable vision; to make the best use of decision making; and to take action for the benefit of people in a large scale. I have always searched for a platform or a mentor who can help me to enrich my leadership skills.

With vast experience of voluntary works, I have been selected by Wedu Global as a Rising Star after two months of assessment process in 2017. Wedu helped me to get mentorship from Ms. Anum, who is an amazing personality with a diverse background of working with 13 different organisations. She is helping me to work with my big vision, which is to provide education for the orphans. Gradually I have started conducting workshops and webinars to help like-minded female in my country so that I can spread my vision among my community. I also conducted seminars focusing on women’s leadership, where I can inspire young women studying in universities to be leaders and help their communities by being change makers.

I am privileged to be one of the Rising Star Senior Interview Leaders at Wedu, which given me the chance to facilitate the Rising Stars selection process through interviewing applicants from different Asian countries. Moreover, I was the Rising Star Ambassador in Bangladesh. Within that role, I did outreach activities aiming to introduce Wedu Global and its programmes in my country.

These experiences made me stronger and become more passionate about my community works. There are thousands of children who are deprived of education in my community. They don’t even get the primary level of education, which is one of their basic rights. With this situation, a big part of future generation doesn’t even know what their salvation is. I want to work and help providing their basic rights. This will be my short contribution to the development of my beloved country. Anum inspired me to start working for my community and now I am working to build up my own organisation. When I look into the future, I see people are more tolerant, they have the urge to help the underprivileged more and there is a raise in positivism about our country around the world.

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