When it comes to the issue of violence against women, Chittagong, Bangladesh may not be one of the top-of-mind cities to discuss. ZamZam, a Bengali Rising Star, is looking to change that.

ZamZam, one of our inspiring Rising Stars from Bangladesh, studies Law so she can defend women against abuse.

“Many of the women in my community are subject to inhumane abuse, both physically and mentally. This violence and injustice has broken many of our women apart and has been a barrier for them to fight for their rights with confidence. My dream is to represent these women and fight for their rights on a global level in the United Nations.”

As a 3rd year student studying Law at Southern University Bangladesh, ZamZam has already begun her legacy by launching a campaign, Right to Information, that advocates for legal rights for young women in her community.

“We stand up for and advocate for women, but we also want to make sure they’re equipped with the knowledge to stand for themselves by educating them about their legal rights under Bengali law.”

ZamZam believes self-awareness is important to her leadership journey and strives to continue improving, both in the classroom and out. She has joined the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission at her university, where she promotes and defends the human rights of her community. She has also joined the Network for International Law Students (NILS), an international non-profit organization that connects law students to other internationally minded, socially responsible, and academically committed students across the world.

ZamZam completed her first year in Wedu’s Leadership Development Program where she has learned the value of having a mentor. She describes her mentor, Alexandra MacLeish, as “a keen observer and careful listener, and most importantly, she’s resourceful, practical, and empathetic.”

“She’s taught me how to be resilient to challenge. I’ve experienced some very challenging times in the past where I didn’t know how to react and I felt everything fall apart. Alex has taught me to how to change challenge to opportunity, and how those moments are building blocks to a positive future.”

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