Making her Dreams a Reality

I’m a sophomore Entrepreneurship student at Thammasat University in Thailand, the youngest in my paternal-extended family, and a self-proclaimed dreamer. I applied for Leadership Development Rising Star Internship to learn from inner-workings of Wedu to improve my personal project, Dream Beyond Borders (DBB) in my community in Pakistan.

Being a Wedu Intern is an enlightening experience as I update the curriculum, track leadership opportunities, and rebrand programme documents with colleagues from Nepal, Bangladesh, and US. The biggest challenge and joy of this internship is to review and assess, through the cultural lens, the leadership lessons of Wedu’s vibrant curriculum to empower Rising Stars.

My favourite part of the internship is to track opportunities for the Wedu newsletter since I believe it is immensely valuable for the leadership growth of youth. Learning from Wedu’s monthly newsletter, I initiated a channel in my university sharing the leadership opportunities.

As I reflect now, I see this internship experience enhancing my creativity, confidence, pertinent knowledge and communication quality that will support me to make my dream DBB project real. I am grateful to Wedu for the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the Wedu community that inspires me everyday.

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