Meet the all-women research team of dBIAS LAB

As Wedu charts the course for its second decade of impact in closing the gender leadership gap, we are fortunate to have collaborated with mission-aligned partners like dBIAS LAB. Founded a little over two years ago, dBIAS LAB is a research and advisory firm dedicated to creating a world where gender biases no longer limit opportunities for individuals and communities.

The all-women research team, led by founder Haena Kim, came onboard to help Wedu investigate the motivations of women leaders seeking to join Wedu and identify evidence-based strategies to make our Rising Star programme more accessible. The researchers used the COM-B model with a conceptual grounding of self-determination theory, which explores how social contexts and individual differences facilitate various types of motivation. For a thorough look at the research design and framework, check out the LinkedIn post by dBIAS LAB here.


Haena Kim



Haena Kim is the founder of dBIAS LAB. As a globetrotting financier turned behavioural scientist and entrepreneur, she’s the visionary driving dBIAS LAB’s efforts to break gender barriers and promote opportunities for women.







Alessandra Gailey



Alessandra Gailey is a researcher at dBIAS LAB with extensive experience in change management and talent development. Fueled by a passion for well-being and gender equity, she strives to foster inclusive workplaces.






Emilia Rivolta



Emilia Rivolta is a researcher at dBIAS LAB. She is a finance expert by day and a scientist by night, researching and teaching behavioural insights for brain health, corporate behaviour, and financial well-being.







Partnerships with mission-aligned institutions like dBIAS LAB are instrumental in our commitment to closing the gender leadership gap. We are grateful to dBIAS LAB for lending us their team’s expertise in behavioural science and data analytics. Their team demonstrated thorough care for our work and a focus on practical steps Wedu can take to make the Rising Star opportunities more in tune with the needs of women leaders.

If you want to learn more about their work or tap their expertise for your organisation and programs, get in touch with dBIAS LAB at Follow them on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest news at


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