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Wedu exists thanks to the many volunteers and interns that embraced its mission since the day of the inception. They work on blogs, prepare documents for competitions, help on student selection, refine the website, prepare research, collect data and compile surveys, organize fundraisers and so on. They do so while working or studying full-time, finding time during the night (we keep having skype chats at 5AM!) and during holidays (Sunday is a great work day!).

We decided to give space to our amazing interns and volunteers offering this blog as a space to them to share why they did this all, what motivated them and what have they learnt so far. And we decided to start with Radhika, one of our very first interns from the London School of Economics.

“Working at Wedu has been an amazing experience for me. Understanding all the hard intense work that goes into the functioning of a social enterprise has been very enriching. The best part has been interacting with the team at Wedu: a group of talented, dedicated and energetic people motivated towards the cause. This experience has furthered my passion to make a difference by working towards providing more educational opportunities to the lesser privileged. Not only have I managed to hone my teamwork skills but also enhance my communication and business development skills. The work Wedu does to empower emerging leaders from Least Developed Countries has the capacity to most definitely change the world, for as Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


Radhika Maloo is currently a MSc Development Management student at the LSE and was Business Development Intern at Wedu Fund. She has worked with NGOs in India for five years teaching lesser privileged children and enhancing their motivation to study further by spreading awareness about the importance of education. She is extremely keen on working with street children and expanding the provision of basic educational services to every child.

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