Paying it forward

We sat down with Kim Chongsatitwatan, the Managing director of Namneebooks and talked about how her mentor helped her when she was young, and she is ever grateful for her guidance. Kim is now looking to pay it forward, and share the value of mentorship with the mentees that she will meet at this week’s upcoming Global Mentoring Walk in Bangkok.

Kim will be our mentor during the Global Mentoring Walk Bangkok on 16 November 2013.

Ms. Kim Chongsatitwatana is Deputy Managing Director at Namneebooks Co. Ltd and Managing Director at Namneebooks Innovation Institute. She is our mentor during the Global Mentoring Walk Bangkok on 16 November 2013.

How did mentorship help you to become who you are today?

I am lucky to have several mentors in different phases of my life. In high school, my mentor sparked me to ask questions about social issues, inspiring to thrive for social change. During my internship at Scholastic, my mentor pushed me to gain more experience in engineering before I came back to Thailand to work in a family business. That pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. Now that I am at management level at work, my mentor challenges me to reflect on my future. Dreams does not just appear from nowhere, but requires careful planning and roadmap design. My mentor guides me by asking questions and got me to ask more questions on how to fulfill my dreams.

I think that mentorship is vital to personal and professional growth. As Confucius said be a half-filled cup, so we can always learn. Not everyone is perfect and the world is such a big and complex place. We need someone to mirror ourselves, pushes us to ask difficult questions, and inspires us to explore the unknown.

What do you hope to give to the mentees?

I hope that I can help mentees discover themselves – find out where their true passion lies and possibly how to go about achieving it. Both in profession and personal level.

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