Rubiyat Steps Forward

I am Rubiyat Jahan Sarker, currently a second year undergraduate, majoring in Economics, at Asian University for Women situated in Chittagong, Bangladesh. My favourite colour is blue (actually all shades of blue!). I am a traveller by heart and soul, and one thing I want to do before I die is going around the world in 80 days.

During my internship, I updated Electives 1 through 4 to match Wedu’s new brand. Each Elective consists of a set of Leadership Lessons. In each Leadership Lesson we focus on one topic, such as “Stress and Fear Management,” “Power and Perception,” etc. The purpose of these Lessons is to guide both the Rising Star and Mentor to think critically about the topic and communicate with each other to share their thoughts. The new look for the Electives will make the Rising Stars and Mentors excited about the Lessons, and they are easier to follow than before.

I learned the importance of being detail oriented to align with the Wedu brand, no matter how minor the issue, such as spacing of the content or fixing grammatical errors. The final product should be crisp and impressive. Also, I learnt to be punctual to maintain deadlines and gathered some technical skills, including Google Hangouts Meet, screen sharing, Google Calendar, working on presentation skills, and much more. My favourite part was adding colourful Leadership Traits to the Electives.

One of the challenges that I faced during the internship was understanding my manager’s expectations from me and keeping up with them. I am glad to say that I have overcome this challenge by teaching myself small things and continuously asking her to help when we worked face to face. This helped in my self development. One success from this internship is that I updated the branding for all four Electives successfully within the given time frame and gained exposure to a completely different side of the professional world.

It was my dream to work with the Wedu family ever since I became a Rising Star and I would like to give credit to my Mentor, Akhil Khurana, who actually introduced me to this amazing opportunity and guided me whenever I needed advice or suggestion. It feels really good to have a dream fulfilled and now I can confidently say that I am one step closer to getting ready to enter the professional world after my graduation.

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