Silviya’s Leadership Journey

Silviya, currently running a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Target Health Nepal, in a rural municipality of Nepal, has been a Rising Star since 2019.

Working in rural villages since the past 2 years, Silviya has seen people live under extreme poverty and struggle to earn their living. When the lockdown was imposed in Nepal, it made her think about those vulnerable sections of the society who were at the risk of hunger and starvation. Many had lost their means of livelihood due to extended lockdown, making them jobless and food-insecure. Therefore, with the aim of lessening the plight of such affected families, she started a fundraising campaign.

Silviya’s fundraising campaign targets groups such as daily wage earners and labourers from minority groups.  She and her team together collected a total of 1,14,600 Nepali Rupees (941.671 USD) and has succeeded in reaching around 103 families including nutritionally vulnerable groups like pregnant women and postpartum mothers with food items, sanitation and hygiene products, like sanitary pads. She will soon reach an additional 40 families with relief packages.

Silviya says, “Being titled as a Rising Star was a great feeling, but with it came a great responsibility to contribute to helping those in need. My leadership training was an exciting one and it has made me understand and evolve in my leadership roles as I continue questioning myself with, ” How can I make the community better with the knowledge and skills I’ve attained as a part of my Wedu leadership journey?””  

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