Contributing to the Community: Sorphorn’s Journey

I am Ly Serey Sorphorn. I am from Takeo province, Cambodia. Currently, I am a sophomore at the Institute of Foreign Languages majoring in International Studies. I am passionate about women’s education, global news, and volunteer works. When I was in high school, I encountered internal and external problems and during that time I started to study English and appreciate talking with people from different countries. I participated in leadership workshops with Peace Corps Cambodia, which brought me to learn about Wedu and the Rising Star programme. In 2017, I was selected to be a Wedu Rising Star. Being a Rising Star have changed my life; having a mentor has helped me strengthen my capacity in terms of professional development and academic performances. I took action following my SMART goals, and my journey started to go forward and exceed my expectation. One of my mid-term goals was being proactive in the Wedu Community and also other activities, which I’ve accomplished by being selected as a Wedu Rising Star Ambassador in 2018.

On 24 December 2018, I took part at the Women Bright workshop at Kampong Chhang province and shared a presentation on Setting SMART Goals to 200 female students who attended the workshop. The workshop was supported by Wedu and the Ministry of Education for Youth and Sport Cambodia. Leading this type of outreach events, as well as sharing my journey and stories on social media, are some of the ways I am contributing to a meaningful impact in my community.       

By being a part of Wedu, I  have the opportunities to be involved in different workshops related to gender equality. When I saw many women in the rural area who wants to pursue higher education, I began to think about solutions to improve the conditions in Cambodia. I believe that when women get more opportunities, it will also support a country to get higher income and better standard of living. That’s why we should start supporting women’s participation. I want to be part of the solution to help my country on this issue. “Women’s right is a human’s right”

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