South Africa and Myanmar connect through an inspirational Rising Star – Mentor journey

Sharoda Rapeti from South Africa and Agnes Khaing from Myanmar began their Mentor – Rising Star journey late last year.  Agnes is studying towards a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. Agnes grew up in an environment that was not very supportive of girls studying and whilst growing up, she experienced various forms of discriminatory behavior towards her.

Despite many setbacks, and with the unwavering support of her amazing mother, Agnes learned to value the importance of education and she progressed to post-grad study level.  As a Rising Star, Agnes embraced the opportunity to learn Leadership skills and to use the WEDU tools and platform to share her experiences and skills so that others may benefit from her journey.

Agnes is very passionate about education and counselling victims of trauma, and with the help of friends she founded a charity based nursey school in the Hilong village, Mindat district in the Southern Chin State of Myanmar.  When not busy with her studies or her counselling work in Yangon, Agnes makes regular trips to the village to work with children as well as their parents so that they can improve the quality of their lives.

At the start of the mentorship program, and despite their differences in age and nationality, Sharoda and Agnes quickly established a good rapport and realised how many traits they share in common.  Both women believe in the significance of education to overcome odds and succeed in a challenging world. Sharoda has encouraged Agnes to develop goals in two dimensions viz.; at a personal level as well as at a career level.  Sharoda admires the quality of humility that Agnes displays despite her many achievements and she is encouraged that Agnes will fulfil the goals they are working on together. Agnes values the positive benefits of the WEDU Rising Star programme that provides a good listener and a mentor who authentically cares about her personal and career growth.  


This is a community submission by one of our Mentors, Sharoda Rapeti. Click here to learn more about Wedu and our Leadership Development Program.

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