Tanya’s story of finding Inspiration and Confidence through Mentorship

Role models are individuals to look up to, listen to and learn from. However, having a role model in your life does not mean you should follow all the steps they have taken. Rather you take the opportunity to listen to their experiences and advice and make your own decisions based on what heard and what you believe in. When asked who my role model is, there has never been a question that I can answer with more certainty – my mother. I have always looked up to her for her strength and endurance when she raised my brother and me by herself. Role models and topics tied to mentorship is one of the many topics that we had to share with each other during the Wedu Mentoring Walk celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.


Wedu realizes that sharing each other’s experiences is an important form of learning. Not only did we learn from our mentors, but they also learnt something from us. During the workshop, mentors and mentees shared obstacles we have had to overcome because of our gender, different backgrounds and upbringing which led to very interesting and inspiring discussions. As the youngest daughter in my family, I have often been looked down upon because of my age and gender, and my opinions are often regarded as immature; these comments have made me feel inferior and insecure. These feelings have intensified as I am about to graduate from university and am unsure of which path to take and whether I will be successful. By joining this Mentoring Walk, I had the opportunity to learn from successful and strong women in our society, who can become our mentors and role models.


DSC_5655-XLBefore I joined this event, I have always doubted my abilities; I look up to successful women and feel that it is impossible for me to be like them. However, after I met the mentors at Wedu’s Walk, I discovered that they were not very different from me when they were young. At my age, they were also full of insecurities and doubts, but what propelled them to success was their determination to take risks and stand up for themselves and their voice. My mentor gave me the following advice which really struck a chord, she said that sometimes you just have to take risks and be confident that you will make it. This simple yet meaningful advice has given me tremendous confidence to believe that I can and will be a successful women in the future, similar to all the mentors in attendance. I became more certain in my ability to make the right choices, and when something goes wrong, I  now know I should look as it as  learning opportunity.

DSC_5635-XLBeing involved in the Wedu Mentoring Walk as a mentee provided me with the opportunity to meet a lot of different people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. One theme however brought us together – we all aspire to become someone who creates an impact and no one determines our future except ourselves. By sharing our stories and learning from each other, we all become mentors and mentees, and this is what made the Mentoring Walk a unique and meaningful experience.

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