Thank You Wedu Interns!

As far as transformations go, Wedu’s seen quite the metamorphosis this summer. Having invited seven interns from six different countries to join the team, this is the first time Wedu’s had such a large and diverse group of interns and the effect is tangible. The office is a bit brighter, the energy is more electric, and the bean bags are constantly occupied.

Amongst this diversity is the common belief in women’s empowerment and leadership. Whether they are from Thailand, Philippines, Mongolia, Singapore, United States, or Turkey, these young women are all passionate about doing something to balance the existing gender inequality in Asia. “I really like the work Wedu is doing and wanted to be part of it,” shared Asli Uluc, a Leadership Development intern from Turkey who is pursuing her Master’s in Europa Universitaet Flensburg. Chatpreeya Palanusorn (Maprang), an Outreach and Selection intern studying in Thammasat University echoed similar sentiments: “I chose to intern with Wedu because their mission matches my interests in women’s empowerment.”

Other interns like Suniko Bazargarid and Alaine Johnson were introduced to Wedu by their friends who have worked at Wedu. Suniko was introduced to Wedu by her friend, Jeff Fraser, and they now work together in the Marketing and Communications department. Alaine heard about Wedu from a friend, Lishani Ramanayake, a fellow student from Yale-NUS College who spent a memorable summer interning with Wedu in 2016. “The organization sounded like something I would be passionate about, so I joined,” said Alaine.

At Wedu, interns are tasked to complete important projects alongside their supervisors who are always quick to provide mentorship and guidance. Instead of carrying out menial chores as experienced by some in previous internships, Wedu interns are given the opportunity to lead and implement their own projects. Joan Elgincolin who is interning in the Marketing and Communications department is taking the lead on a user segmentation project and Piraya Rattanatraimongkol from Outreach and Selection is responsible for an outreach project focused on seeking collaboration with similar organizations

That said, there is also a good balance of play and work. Many interns enjoy working in the office as it is an uplifting and cheerful space that is also conducive for work. “Everybody is helpful, kind, and cheerful but still focused on work,” shared Asli when asked about her experience working at Wedu. Yet the best part for the entire Wedu team is lunchtime which has an atmosphere similar to a family meal. “It is the part I like the most; eating, sharing our food, and chatting about our weekends,” shared Misa Isomura, an intern from the Talent Development department.

Fun aside, many interns have also gained important skills that will help in their future professional goals. For Maprang, she hopes to pursue a Master’s Degree after completing her last year in the Social Policy and Development Bachelor’s program. After which, she plans to work in an international NGO. “I learnt many important work skills from interning at Wedu; skills like teamwork, communication, and time management,” Maprang said. She believes that her experience at Wedu is valuable as the skills she gained can be utilized in her future workplace. In a similar vein, Suniko is grateful for the opportunity that Wedu has given her to grow professionally as a designer and at the same time, learn how social enterprises operate. “I’ve learned how important it is to be part of a team like Wedu where we support and push each other to achieve the smallest to greatest things,” shared Suniko.

When asked for three words or phrases to describe working at Wedu, Joan’s response captured the sentiments of most interns: “Amazing people. Meaningful work. Creative atmosphere.” Working at Wedu has given many interns a chance to see and learn first-hand how a social enterprise operates, experience the synergies of different departments coming together, and be part of the family-like community at Wedu.

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