The Mentorship Trio: A way to give back to the community

Wedu’s Global Mentorship Programme pairs mentors with mentees to achieve,excel and hone their leadership skills. It is designed to aspire a meaningful leadership journey for both the mentees and mentors. The picture above is of Julie, Srey Nak and Smarika – a mentorship trio! Julie was Srey Nak’s mentor and after the completion of her mentorship, Srey Nak in turn became a Mentor at Wedu and got matched with Smarika.

Srey Nak and Julie share an amazing bond since they began their journey together. She said that her mentor supported her to go through failure with a positive attitude and insisted in achieving her goals of studying abroad and working in the Human Rights field with leadership knowledge and management skills. With her Mentor, she was able to learn how to make a concrete plan for her professional career, manage stress, cope with obstacles, learn from failure, communicate, work with a team and subordinate staff, benefit from failure and turn it to success. Furthermore, she has become someone who lives with plans and hope.

Srey Nak says, “I got a scholarship to study abroad. I can live happily despite having gone through failure, difficulties, pain and suffering and become a good model for my villagers, my family and my peers.”

At Wedu, mentees are encouraged to take on leadership roles which can also mean applying for a mentorship programme as a mentor. Wedu supports mentees who want to become a mentor after completing their mentorship programme. It allows mentees to grow professionally and personally, and  pass on the knowledge and skills to the new mentees, and that is what Srey Nak chose to do.

Smarika says that Srey Nak, who became her mentor, supported her to find herself when she was going through hard times without any judgements. She says, “When I applied for Wedu, I was a girl with low self esteem and with lots of family problems. I always had a vision to do something more than I was doing but I didn’t know what to do back then. With my Mentor, I was able to learn how to make concrete plans which helped me to work on my visions. I learned to create balance between my work and my life and be more patient whenever I go through hard times.”

Wedu takes pride in our amazing community of mentors and mentees, as well as other members. Leadership stories and a pay-it-forward mindset such as these motivate us to work more towards creating opportunities for young women and become a support for them to achieve their dreams and goals.

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