Start the Change for Better Women Leadership Opportunities! Wedu Crowdfunding Campaign, 2012

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Why is Wedu crowdfunding, you ask?


Wedu has grown strong, started having impact and with you we can do more!

For more than a year now, Wedu has been supporting the development of Cambodia’s future female leaders by investing in their university education. The specific focus is on women leadership because they are a great investment for development: they invest more in the households, in children, healthcare; and they are often the first to miss out on opportunities across the world! In Afghanistan, for example, the university enrollment ratio is as low as 1:5 (female:male). To date, Wedu has invested in  three Cambodian women to go to university and we are in the process of selecting a few more from Myanmar.


­­To continue this growth, Wedu needs you! Join Wedu’s Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo


“At the beginning I thought we were going to go in these remote areas of the world and bring hope and inspiration. What I have learned is that I have been inspired by these powerful young women, I just can’t believe I didn’t start ten years ago working on this!

Mario, Co-Founder of Wedu

Why is crowdfunding crucial for Wedu?

In order to support our educational and leadership projects, Wedu has raised funds in a variety of ways, including individual donations (thank you all!),  private investors, partnerships and business plan competitions. Wedu won the D2D Development Award this year as well as earned the title of Social Enterprise Start-Up of the year 2012 at Cambridge University. We have been focusing a great deal on increasing our financial resources, resulting in the recent expansion of our Business Development Team. To continue to build the organization, we believe that crowdfunding will allow us to create a wider community to make critical investments to grow faster, reach more leaders, and implement projects. It is a direct way to support Wedu.

Wedu doesn’t need super heroes, royalty, or movies stars… Wedu needs YOU to become a sponsorship partner! Your involvement (in-kind donations, financial support, mentorship, etc) is the key to making our dream of sponsoring and mentoring future South East Asian female leaders a reality.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 USD to support the South East Asian women’s leadership programme through our crowdfunding campaign launched TODAY on Indiegogo.

Why $25,000 USD? $10,000 will go towards our loan program, providing as many as 25 small student loans for a pilot project. The remaining $15,000 is to develop Wedu’s mentorship and fundraising platforms as well as the research and development for our internal risk management system. With Wedu’s website and social media outreach, the goal is to create an engaging online platform for you to interact!

What do you receive in return for your generous donation and support? The most obvious benefit is that you will provide a young woman with the opportunity to study at university, and benefit from an experienced mentor, giving her the chance to learn and build a brighter future for her and her community. In addition, you will have a variety of perks to choose from, such as…immortality 2.0 (not joking!).

How Can You Get Involved?

  1. DONATE! We plan to raise $25,000 USD to support the South East Asian women’s leadership programme and we just launched  our campaign today on Indiegogo
  2. Follow Wedu, spread the word to your families and friends through Facebook, Causes, Twitter and LinkedIn. Bring public attention on the importance of having more women in leadership positions in developing countries.
  3. Give us your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Thank you and see you all at the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign!

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