Why I Joined the Global Mentoring Walk Bangkok

Panisa Thongma, a senior at Mahidol University International College shares her reasons for applying to be a mentee at Wedu’s upcoming Global Mentoring Walk in Bangkok.

Being a woman, I have a preconceived idea that there is a limitation in career progression. Partially because of the male dominate Asian culture. But most because of the low self-esteem; becoming inferior merely because I think I am inferior, not necessary because I am. I realize that legally, we all receive an equal opportunity, but in reality, merely one’s ability is not enough of a requirement in climbing up a social ladder. There is some sort of a glass ceiling that prevents women from reaching their goal. Of course, there are some improvements over the years, but female leaders are still not as many as male leaders, and they might have to prove themselves twice or thrice as much.

Panisa has been selected as a mentee for the Global Mentoring Walk Bangkok.

Panisa has been selected as a mentee for the Global Mentoring Walk Bangkok.

Regarding this problem, I see Wedu as a unique organization that empowers women to reach their dreams. Especially in Southeast Asia that many women became underachievers and could not maximize their potentials, providing academic opportunity is crucial. I’m encouraged to join Wedu because of the mentors—understanding that mentorship is importance since everyone needs a role model. Mentorship makes planning to achieve academic success more realistic. I’m intrigued and more than excited to hear their stories of success; how and what they have to do to succeed. In my belief, sometimes a life long inspiration comes out of good talks and good advices.

Having decided that I shall pursue a career in Public Health, I hope to ask and know what skills I need to have to be one of the best in the field. Also, I would like to consult with the mentor about graduate schools. Being in my senior year of university at the moment, I am in a period of change that is quite troubling and in need of advice. Moreover, I would like to get to know the mentor, knowing her as a person. Since character of a person matters as much as the ability in working, I hope to learn from one of the best in all aspects. And I know I shall.


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