Woman leaders that we like (1): Michelle Obama

What makes a good leader? Leadership is about confidence and decision-making. It is about speaking out, but also doing the important work behind the scene.  A great leader will inspire people for generations to come, and bring hope regardless of time in history. In today’s world, more and more female figures are emerging. This blog is the first of a series of entries to feature such inspiring women leaders and sharing their stories…


This week, in the midst of the American elections, Michelle Obama has been the insatiable supporter of Barack Obama behind the scenes. She juggles between being the wife of U.S. president Barack Obama, mother of two, the 44th first lady of the states, lawyer, community activist and social rights advocate. Michelle sees part of her leadership role as being a good example to others across the country and that is how she continues to inspire her fellow American citizens as well the wider world.


What makes Michelle a strong leader? She has always held a high level of self-respect and respect for others, seen through her use of words such as decency, integrity, dignity and pride in her speeches. This also explains why despite her political stance as a Democrat, she recognizes and respects the different opinions of the Republicans. Not only does she serve as a role model to young people, particularly young African American women, she also reaches out communities beyond, evident through her commitment to ending childhood obesity and supporting military families.


Michelle encourages young people around the world to work hard and become future leaders. On her trip to South Africa in 2011, she spoke to young African women leaders that “leadership is not limited to age or status in life” (Huffington Post).  She urged the young leaders to be the next generation of problem solvers and to take up the responsibility for banishing hunger and end HIV/AIDS.


Michelle Obama is arguably the most progressive first lady at our times. She is a star in her own right and she defines herself rather than being defined by her president husband – that is what makes her personal story inspirational and thus being able to make an impact on hundreds and thousands of people. We hope to see that more young women, being inspired by Michelle, would become great leaders in the future.

  • Nani
    Posted at 23:17h, 24 January

    I think Michelle Obama is super cool

  • Laurence FOUMANN
    Posted at 20:31h, 20 December

    So powerful and grateful
    I m french. Doctor , anaesthetic , brown woman , single mother and feel so positive and hopeful when I read Michelle Obama
    A wonderful Lady
    Une femme pleine de charme et une classe Phénoménale