Women’s Leadership Academy – A Leadership Milestone

I am Nak from Cambodia, and I have been part of Wedu by becoming its Rising Stars since September 2017. Becoming part of Wedu is an eye opening experience for me as I never had someone reviewing my life goal and journey before. I was just an ordinary women committing to do what I believe I should do or need to. The reason I say it is an “eye-opening experience” here because of its mentorship. I receive a mentor supporting me emotionally and professionally. I become someone who can better shape my life goals to the way I want them to be.

Before the leadership training and mentorship that I have received from Wedu, I wanted to be a judge. I believed that by becoming a judge I would be able to find justice for my community. Day by day through the leadership training, I found that it was too big for me to really achieve, so I narrow down the goal to be more authentic and realistic. My goal now is to become an expert of Human Rights in Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the OHCHR, in which my first attempt is to improve women’ right to education in Cambodia. 

Leadership journey is not just about work, but about who you really are. It makes me more mature at the workplace and I have become a better communicator with honest intentions. I know how to communicate with subordinate staff with respect and effective instruction. Having known the importance of the leadership traits, knowledge and journey, I have further utilised and maximised my knowledge and experience by becoming a mentor of Wedu’s Rising Stars. 

Further, I applied and got selected to join the U.S. ASEAN Women’s Leadership Academy for YSEALI in Jakarta in June 2019.  What I am amazed and remember most from the Academy’s sessions are strength assessment, entrepreneurship and inspirational speeches by mentors, speakers and other women lead in ASEAN.

Concerning strengths, an experienced mentor and coach, Muk Kuang, shared in the Academy a new way for me to see my different ability of seeing the future. Being ‘futuristic’, I now see myself with a new strength to share. Concerning entrepreneurship, I get new creative ideas from young female participants on how social entrepreneurship can both make money and help the societies. Also, I like how the speakers share and provide their experiences working in entrepreneurship and economic sector, with leadership knowledge and traits being implied to their journeys. 

During the Academy, I also found two more close and good friends from Vietnam and Indonesia. I will keep in touch with them, and also with the other participants from Southeast Asia. 

I believe that the knowledge I have obtained from the Academy, including leadership knowledge, strength assessment, creative thinking on entrepreneurship and networking, will help me become a better mentor and entrepreneur, as well as a good leader to myself,  my family, and the community. And also connect people and take actions! 

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